10 Reasons You Must Visit India With Your Family

With the holiday season at its peak, there is always jeopardy especially when it comes to making a decision to where to travel exactly. Worry not! This time we are here to enlighten you in making a definitive decision of why India is the best place to travel when it comes to a vacation and a trip especially with a family. Here are 10 reasons to visit India.

1.History has its Way

Visit India With Your Family

History has always had played an essential role in shaping the country and when it comes to India. There is no other country who is so rich with history having its roots so deep and the still the leaves of this tree yet so high. It all starts with The Harappan Civilization right here from the very own center of the country.

And Modern history still has its wounds so fresh with the soldiers who were Martyred still hold a place in the very capital of the same city. Not just the ancient sites but also the architecture is still so rich and all it asks for it be discovered by you. India has all kinds of architecture from the Royal forts of Rajasthan to Mughal, Afghan, Persian works in the northern region of the country.

The southern part also has a lot of influence of the British architecture and not just that even the French, Dutch, and Portuguese still hold and influence in this country.

2. Spirituality and Tranquility

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Of all the countries you must have heard so far, this is the only country which still believes in the religion and traditions and customs. Though it sounds bogus yet this is one of the features which makes this country exquisite.

Here more than five religions coexist and here more than 55million gods are offered prayed to every day.  yes, it sounds all hectic and lethargic at first but there is nothing better and tranquilizing then ones’ devotion. one can even feel the calmness and the peace as it comes.

3. Heaven Exists Right Here


When it comes to traveling you will find no other country with such drastic features, yet another feature of this country. You can start from the snowy mountains to riverbank cities following it, or you can even travel the Thar desert and amuse yourself with all heritage sites.

You can even travel south enjoying all beaches along the ghat sides of the territory to jaw-dropping waterfalls and backwaters of south India. One can even plan a trip to the northeastern side enjoying the tea gardens of the World Trademarked the Darjeeling Tea.

If this ain’t enough one will never be able to resist the National Parks and Biosphere Reserves spread all around the country with very unique and some endangered species.

Warmth of Hospitality

Atithi Devo Bhava” is saying and a slogan of the country for this very reason of being so humble and always greeting everyone with warmth especially when it comes to the tourists. What this slogan means is self-defining “Guest is God”. A country with such a slogan is a great set of examples if you plan to trip with your family.

5. Let the Taste Buds Get Intrigued

When it comes to India, food is the specialty of this very country. From five-star restaurant delicacies to lip-smacking street food. This city is filled with a variety of not only non-vegetarian but vegetarians as well.

Every state has its own taste here and owns a kind of variety to serve. In India, there is a saying that your stomach can be filled but you will always keep on craving.

6. Unending Adventures

Name an adventure sport and you will find it right here. You can go from bungee jumping to paragliding and to river rafting, it has it all. Even from Scuba Diving, Bungee Jumping, Trekking, Snorkeling, Dune Bashing and what not. This place is a paradise for adventure lovers too.

7. Party Never Stops

India is a country of such vast cultures coexisting altogether. When it comes to celebrations there is no end to it, especially in this country. So many festivals are celebrated with just 3 months duration which lasts for 2-3 at least. So why not you join to celebrate a few of them.

8. Shopaholic Therapy

A visit to any place is a waste if one doesn’t take a memento and a memory of it. And one when travels to India it will be really hard to resist that shopaholic side. Every single thing will lure you towards them. Be it clothes or a frame or be it a poster. You won’t be able to resist it. Especially the flea markets.

9. Art and Culture Still Exists

Indian culture
Indian culture

The beauty of this country is still tied to its earliest ties with the culture. This country has still held a strong belief when it comes to art and culture. And it would be a great missed opportunity if one fails to witness it.

The classical dance forms of this country still exist in the very raw of its kind and still praised all around the globe. There are 7 classical dance forms just in India itself and it would be one’s honor to even witness one single form of it.

10. Endless Journey


The best part about traveling is the journey itself and not the destination. One will be thrilled to see not only the destination one might reach but even the traveling experience can be intriguing.

When one travels India the journey has a completely different kind of experience to provide. Even the Indian Railways Palace on The Wheels to serve the very same purpose.

Though these are just a few top reasons to visit India with family. Yet you might be more thrilled when you will go ahead and explore it this vacation. Stay tuned with best tour operator

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