Mount Abu

Do you want to explore the captivating hills of Mount Abu, the only hill station in Rajasthan? Whenever you think of the royal state of Rajasthan, the first thing that comes to your mind may be its desert and sand dunes. In fact, the desert can be seen only in the North West area of the state, otherwise, you can see several, rivers, lakes, mountains and exotic flora and fauna in the rest of the state.

Mount Abu is the only hill station in Rajasthan which attracts numerous travelers, especially during the summer months. Nestled in the Aravalli Mountain Ranges of the Sirohi district, Mount Abu is a fantastic weekend getaway for many people not only from Rajasthan but from the neighboring states such as Delhi, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh and other areas of the country.

It is a great choice to experience the rich and grand culture of the royal state of Rajasthan. Look at the carefully designed travel itinerary of the Mount Abu tour packages of Colourful Indian Holidays to ensure an ultimate tour to this hill station. Check the Rajasthan Tour Packages of Colorful Indian Holidays– India Tour Operator to plan your romantic honeymoon trips to the beautiful places in Mount Abu.

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Mount Abu- an only hill station in Rajasthan

If you are a resident of Rajasthan or Delhi looking for a weekend getaway to escape from the scorching heat, then Mount Abu is a great option for you. This weekend retreat is the only hill station in Rajasthan, often referred to as ‘an oasis in the desert’.

Mount Abu is located at an altitude of nearly 5000 feet above sea level on a rocky plateau that draws travelers with its pleasant mild climate and green nature. Thousands of national and international tourists visit this destination every year to enjoy its tranquil nature, pleasant climate, and rich culture.

This destination has great significance in the Hindu Mythology because Sage Vashithta is believed to be retired at this place. Panoramic and soothing, Mount Abu is an ideal getaway to unwind and relax.

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Tourist attractions in Mount Abu

Mount Abu is certainly one of the most beautiful hill stations in North India because of its scenic nature and plenty of tourist attractions. With several architecturally stunning ancient temples, formidable forts and exotic wildlife, it is a place worth visiting.

You can find plenty of ways to explore this magnificent hill station from visiting its elegant tourist spots to indulge in different activities. Take a look at the best tourist attractions in Mount Abu to make an outstanding itinerary.   Explore our Rajasthan Travel Guide to see the historic state in a royal way.

Dilwara Jain Temples

Dilwara Jain Temples - A fine Jain temple with phenomenal architecture

Tourist attractions in Rajasthan are majestic and alluring which make it one of the hot travel destinations in the country. This Indian state is a favorite spot for many art lovers and historians because of its exquisite architectural marvels.

If you would like to enjoy the matchless beauty of Rajputana architecture and its intricate carvings, then the best place is the Dilwara Jain temples in Mount Abu. The Dilwara Temples consist of 5 shrines dedicated to Lord Mahaveer Swami, Shri Adinathji, Shri Parshavnathji, Shri Rishabdaoji, and Shri Neminathji.

The Dilwara Temples are believed to be built between the 11th and 13th centuries AD. The stunning architecture of the temple and its intricate carvings on the marble stone display the high-quality craftsmanship of the Rajasthani workers of the bygone era.

Nestled in the middle of verdant surroundings, the Dilwara Jain Temples in Mount Abu offers serenity and a sense of peace to its visitors. Located almost 2 ½ kilometers away from Mount Abu, people can visit this temple to enjoy its beauty from 12 pm to 5 pm. Give yourself an architectural tour retreat with Golden Triangle Tour With Shekhawati.

Guru Shikhar

Guru Shikhar – the highest peak in Rajasthan

Located at a distance of around 15 kilometers from Mount Abu, Guru Shikar is a must-visit place in Rajasthan. It is the highest peak in the state with an altitude of around 5676 feet. Guru Shikar houses a temple of Guru Dattatreya, an incarnation of Hindu deities, Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva who believed to be dignified this place.

There is a shrine located a little north-west of Guru Shikhar dedicated to Ahilya, the mother of Dattatreya. The views from this shrine are also amazing and leave you spellbound. One of the great advantages of visiting this place is that you can enjoy marvelous vistas of the Mount Abu town and the Aravali Range.

This place is also home to some other ancient temples like Shiva Temple, Chamundi Temple, and Mira Temple. People who visit this tourist attraction also prefer to visit the nearby Thrill Zone Adventure Park and indulge in some trekking and hiking. Give yourself a spiritual taste with our Golden Triangle With Khajuraho And Varanasi Tour along with Mount Abu tour.

Nakki Lake in mount abu

Nakki Lake - the love lake of Mount Abu

The Nakki Lake, an ancient sacred lake, is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Mount Abu. Many people find it an ideal place for picnicking with their family and friends. This artificial lake is nestled at an altitude of around 1200 meters above sea level. Nakki Lake is believed to be dug out by Gods using their nails to escape from the Demon Banshkhali.

Visitors love to relax in the nearby garden or enjoy a boat ride in the lake. People belong to the Garacia tribe treated this lake as sacred. They reach it during the Shukla Paksha festival which held in the month of April to worship and offer prayers to their ancestors. This lake got its name Nakki because these people consecrate their nails in it.

Achalgarh Fort in Mount abu

Achalgarh Fort - An alluring medieval landmark

The Achalgarh Fort is an eye-catching landmark of the hill station of Mount Abu. It is originally built by the rulers of the Paramara dynasty but later reconstructed by Rana Kumbha in 1452. He renamed the fort as ‘Achalgarh’ which means immovable. This tourist spot is only 11 kilometers away from the city.

The Mandakini Lake and the Shiva temple named Achaleshwar Mahadev Temple within the fort complex are worth visiting. You can see a sculptured idol of Nandi in this temple which was made using five metals, copper, bronze, gold, brass and zinc. Visitors can enjoy picturesque views of the surroundings from this spot. The surrounding areas of this fort are ideal for enjoying hiking.

Honeymoon Point

Honeymoon Point – An ideal place to enjoy the mystical charm of nature

With the backdrop of the gorgeous Nakki Lake and the famous Old Gateway, the Honeymoon Point the best place in Mount Abu to enjoy the mystical charm of nature. Perched at an elevation of about 4000 feet, this is an amazing spot to enjoy captivating views of the sunset.

Many people visit this place in the evening to watch the setting sun down the horizon. This tourist place got this name because of the love rock placed here. Also known as Anadara Point, visiting this tourist spot in Mount Abu is a treat to your eyes. Gift yourself a natural beauty retreat of India with our Golden Triangle with Shimla Tour.

Sunset Point

Sunset Point – For enjoying spectacular sunsets

Situated close to the enchanting Honeymoon Point, the Sunset Point is another must-visit place in Mount Abu. If you are a sunset lover, you can get unforgettable views of the setting sun by visiting this place in the evening.

The awe-inspiring slopes, scenic surroundings and attractive atmosphere make it an ideal place to visit. The sunset of this place was featured in the Bollywood movie, Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak.

Peace Park

Peace Park – An escapade with the perfect blend of tranquility and peace

Peace Park is an ideal destination for those who look for a great retreat to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city life. Nestled between two Aravalli peaks, Guru Shikhar and Achalgarh, this unique tourist spot in Mount Abu will take you to a world of spirituality. There is a rock garden inside this park apart from an orchid and a citrus corner where you can see varieties of floral and succulent displays.

A part of the Brahma Kumaris establishment, you can see the right blend of serenity and tranquility in this place. Another highlight of Peace Park is that entertainment and silence co-exist in this place beautifully.

Many spots are there in the park for meditation such as a stone cave, a bamboo hut, a grass hut, and several other tranquil areas. Brahma Kumaris in the Peace Park offers a guided tour for the visitors to explore the park and explain different unique concepts of meditation.

toad rock

Toad Rock - A massive rock structure with the resemblance of a toad

This massive rock structure is another attraction in Mount Abu which is located near the gorgeous Nakki Lake on the trekking route. It got this name because this structure resembles a toad.

Many people visit this place frequently as it is a great example of the beautiful illustration of igneous rocks.

They love to enjoy enchanting views of the Nakki Lake below from this point. Ensure to add this picnic spot in your travel itinerary to Mount Abu.

Shri Raghunath Temple

Shri Raghunath Temple – a 14th century temple near the Nakki Lake

It is another must-visit attraction in Mount Abu located on the banks of the beautiful Nakki Lake. Close to the Nakki Lake and Toad Rock, people who visit these tourist spots in Mount Abu do not forget to pay a visit to the Shri Raghunath Temple.

This temple is believed to be built in the 14th century draws travelers with its alluring architectural style. Shri Raghunath, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, is the main deity of this temple.

It is a pilgrimage center for the Vaishnavites because they believe that this 650-year old Shri Raghunath Temple is among the sacred places on earth and the deity of this temple has the power to save them from all the calamities.

This temple is also a favorite spot for people who love the unique architectural styles of Rajasthan. You can see the rich architectural style of Mewar by visiting this temple. The delicate paintings, intricate carvings and charming wall inscriptions display the rich heritage of the Mewar Kingdom.

Trevors tank in mount abu

Trevor’s Tank – An artificial crocodile breeding spot

It shall be amazing to see a large of crocodiles together and if you look for such an experience, then visit Trevor’s Tank in Mount Abu. People who plan trekking from the gorgeous Nakki Lake ensure to visit this tourist spot to watch this creature. This artificial breeding spot for the crocodiles is also famous for its scenic green surroundings.

A British engineer constructed this park and named after him. In addition to crocodiles, this park is also home to black bear and several local birds. It is a favorite place for birdwatchers where they can spot partridges, peacocks, and pigeons. Check out our Rajasthan Wildlife Tour will perfectly satisfy your lust for wildlife in Rajasthan.

Adhar Devi Temple- A great pilgrimage Site

Adhar Devi Temple- A great pilgrimage site

Mount Abu is famous for many temples and pilgrimage sites, and most of them are architectural marvels. Adhar Devi temple is one great pilgrimage site in this hill station dedicated to Goddess Durga. The highlight of this temple is that it is situated on a mountain peak but inside a cave.

You need to climb around 365 steep steps to reach this temple, but you will be mesmerized to see the awe-inspiring surroundings while climbing the steps. The best time to visit this temple is during the Navaratri season as it decorates with striking statues of different Hindu gods at that time. Check out our Historical Rajasthan Tour to get the best glimpses of this historic city.

Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary

Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary – A great picnic spot with amazing wildlife

Another great tourist spot to visit in Mount Abu is the Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary. Spread over an area of 290 sq. km., this sanctuary is the forest area of the Aravalli Range that declared as wildlife sanctuary in the year 1980.

It is home to exotic wildlife such as tiger, leopard, porcupine, jungle cat, bear, wild boar, panther, and fox. Besides, you can spot more than 250 bird species in this sanctuary including the rare grey jungle fowls.

Rich floral diversity is another attraction of this picnic spot. People who visit this sanctuary admit its abundant flower magnificence. Make your trip to this hill station more exciting by visiting the Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary.

Gaumukh Temple

Gaumukh Temple - A temple dedicated to Saint Vashishth

Visiting the temples in Rajasthan shall be a beautiful experience because of its elegant architecture and scenic surroundings. Gaumukh Temple is a popular temple in Mount Abu dedicated to Saint Vashishth who believed to have lived in this region with his wife.

According to legend, Saint Vashishth performed yagna and created four noteworthy Rajput clans. Ensure to visit this temple during your trip to Mount Abu. Check out our Rajasthan Forts And Palaces Tour to witness the architectural beauty of Mount Abu.


Things to do in Mount Abu

Mount Abu, nature’s retreat, is not only to explore its beautiful tourist attractions, but it also offers plenty of adventure and fun-filled activities for its visitors. We have outlined the best activities that you can enjoy in this hill station to make your trip unforgettable. Take a look at the following things-to-do and indulge in them for some exciting Mount Abu holidays:

Trekking in mount abu


There is no better way to explore the stunning beauty of Mount Abu than trekking. With plenty of exciting trekking trails, travelers to this hill station do not leave this hill station without enjoying this activity.

Many people prefer trekking to the enchanting Oriya Village or at the Bhrigu Ashram or Utraj as all these trekking routes offer fantastic views and amazing travel experience.

If you prefer to spot wild animals and watch diversified flora and fauna of this hill station, then choose the Tiger Path for this activity. The Jawai and Salgaon near Mount Abu are also excellent spots for trekking expedition.

Night Trekking

Night trekking

If you want to enjoy the nocturnal beauty of Mount Abu, then plan for some night trekking. While most people to this destination prefer to explore its beautiful temples and other tourist attractions, this hill station offers several thrilling activities.

Night trekking is one must-do activity during your trip to Mount Abu. The scenic nature and rolling hills are an amazing treat for the visitors to this tourist destination and choose one of the trails for enjoying a night trekking with your family or friends.

Rock climbing

Rock climbing and rappelling

Another great activity that you can enjoy in Mount Abu is rock climbing and rappelling. It is a safe but an adrenaline-rushing activity that you can enjoy in this hill station that certainly gives a feeling on the top of the world.

One of the great features of Mount Abu is that it offers several fantastic natural trails ideal for enjoying both the rock climbing and rappelling. The organizers of these activities take all the safety measures for their guests so that they can enjoy such activities comfortably and without any hassles.



Camping is a great option for those who plan to take a break from their hectic modern life. They can spend a night in a camp surrounds lush green forests instead of choosing a hotel room. Mount Abu is an ideal location in Rajasthan for people who look for exciting camping tours.

Nestled in the Aravalli Ranges, this is a marvelous hill station on a highly rocky plateau offers excellent opportunities to enjoy camping. Most of the campsites offer bonfire meal under the blankets of numerous stars. Camping in Mount Abu will be a memorable experience that you can cherish for long.

Shopping in Mount abu


Holidaymakers ensure to take some time out to enjoy a bit of shopping in local markets of the place they visit. Exploring the vibrant streets of these destinations not only provide the opportunity to buy unique items but also a chance to mingle with the locals and get an idea about their rich culture and tradition. Mount Abu also offers plenty of great choices for shopping where you can buy many organic and ethnic products.

People who visit this destination ensure to buy gifts and certain souvenirs which have the characteristics of this hill station. The Kashmiri Cottage Emporium and the Government Handicraft Emporium are suitable places to buy first-rate ethnic items. From beautiful clothes to delicious foods and sweets, the bazaars of Mount Abu offer fantastic opportunities for shopping lovers.

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How to reach Mount Abu

Mount Abu is well-connected with almost all the main cities of North India. Many state and private buses offer services from major cities of Rajasthan like Udaipur, Jodhpur and Jaipur. You can also take cabs or private taxis from the main cities to reach this hill station. Udaipur is the nearest airport to reach Mount Abu which is approximately 185 kilometers away.

The highlight of Mount Abu is that it offers plenty of tourist attractions and numerous interesting things to do which make your trip to this destination an unforgettable experience. It was the summer capital of many rulers and kings of the bygone era. People who visit Rajasthan to experience the grandeur of its palaces and forts do not forget to pay a visit to this hill station to enjoy its great religious sites and panoramic nature.

With so many adrenaline-rushing activities, you can enjoy some thrilling holidays in this hot hill station. Discover the charm of Mount Abu in the most comfortable way through one of the affordable tour packages of Colourful Indian Holidays.

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