Located: Himachal Pradesh A North Indian State
Main Tourist Attractions: Vashisth Hot Sulphur Spring, Rohtang Pass, Hadimba Temple
Best Buys: Woollen goods
Best Time To Visit: May to July and September to November

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About Shimla

Do you want to experience the mystique and magic of the Himalayas? Then plan a trip to the beautiful town of Shimla and explore its enchanting snow-capped mountains, evergreen vegetation, scenic valleys and stunning lakes with crystal clear water.

Besides, this slice of heaven also offers plenty of activates for the travelers to relish and rejuvenate their body, mind, and soul from their busy lives. This majestic town of Himachal Pradesh is an ideal place to spend some family vacation or for your honeymoon.

The mystical ambiance, soothing climate, and delightful local culture also make your holidays more pleasant and exciting. Besides the breathtaking mountains and scenic landscapes, a trip to this destination also gives glimpses of the lifestyle of the locals and their unique culture.

Exploring the tranquil nature of Shimla is an amazing way to find solace. Shimla is also a delight for the photographers as they can find plenty of scenic places in this destination to capture amazing pictures. Plan your trip to Shimla through Colourful Indian Holidays to enjoy the timeless beauty of this destination.

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Shimla - Queen of Hill stations

With eye-catching snow-clad mountains, gorgeous lakes, breathtaking architecture and beautifully rich greenery, Shimla is one of the most mesmerizing hill stations in India. The timeless beauty of this destination makes it the Queen of hill stations in the country. British made this place as their summer capital during their rule, and the colonial influence is still evident in the architectural splendors of Shimla.

Each traveler falls in love with this place because of its scenic nature and pleasant climate. With a wide range of tourist attractions and exciting adventure activities, it is one of the most visited destinations in India. An attractive feature of Shimla is that people can visit this destination throughout the year.

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Tourist attractions

If you are looking for the best places to visit during your Shimla holidays, then you have come to the right place. The panoramic snow-capped mountains, beautiful lakes, lush green valleys, and a mystical ambiance, Shimla draws so many tourists every year to explore its alluring attractions. One of the highlights of this hill station is that it is a place with plenty of tourist attractions. Some of the most popular and scenic tourist places in Shimla are listed below.

Kurfi-the Switzerland of the East

Those who have visited the marvelous hill station of Shimla would agree that the quaint beauty of this destination cannot be explained in mere words. Kurfi is a great place in Shimla with a tranquil atmosphere and picturesque views. It is one of the best places in this hill station to visit.

Also known as the Switzerland of the East, this marvelous tourist spot entices travelers with its mind-blowing natural charm. This destination also offers several exciting adventure activities for its visitors such as hiking and skiing. Try your hand at this mind-blowing activity through the snow-clad hills of this destination.

Kurfi is approximately 19 kilometers away from Shimla near the National Highway 22. So, it is convenient for travelers to reach this destination by road. If you love to indulge in adventurous sports, then visit this destination during winter months. Otherwise, you can choose to visit this hill station from April to June.

Kurfi in Shimla

Green Valley – a famous photography point in Shimla

The Green Valley is a beautiful place in Shimla nestled near Kufri almost 9 kilometers away from the town. Surrounded by luxuriant hills and blessed with scenic locations and peaceful ambiance, this destination is famous for its matchless beauty.

This picturesque destination is excellent for photography and a favorite shooting location for many Bollywood movie makers. In addition to its picturesque surroundings, visitors can also spot many rare animals in this destination such as yaks.

It is common to see them wandering here. Summer or monsoon months are the best time to visit the Green Valley as this time you can enjoy the beauty of the dense forest surroundings.

green Valley in Shimla

The Ridge – the cultural center of Shimla

The Ridge is not just an enchanting tourist destination but also a cultural center in Shimla. It is an amazing place to enjoy marvelous views of the mountains. Besides, this destination is a venue for many cultural events, Fairs and festivals.

You can see this picnic spot vibrant with a lot of activities if you visit it during its Summer Festival. It is also a place with many government buildings such as the Municipal Corporation Office, Himachal Tourism restaurant and bar and the HP Tourist Info Center. Many couples find Shimla as an ideal destination for their honeymoon because of its romantic atmosphere and pleasant cool climate.

Be it your honeymoon, or a family vacation you must include the Ridge in your travel itinerary for a memorable experience. Since this tourist spot is located in the heart of the city, it is convenient for travelers to reach this place. The popular landmarks like the Scandal Point and the Christ Church are also near the Ridge.

The Ridge – the cultural center of Shimla

Annandale – Ideal destination to enjoy golf

Include the Annandale on top of the list of your must-visit places in Shimla especially if you love to indulge in a bit adventurous sports. This destination has been famous for a few adventure sports activities such as golfing.

Many golf lovers find it a great place to enjoy their favorite activity. People who visit the Annandale will be mesmerized with its captivating vistas and eye-catching natural beauty. It is only 4 kilometers away from Shimla City.

Make your trip to this destination unforgettable by indulging in some sports activities like golf or enjoy the natural beauty of this place.

Annandale – Ideal enjoy golf in Shimla

Jakhoo Hill – One of the highest points in Shimla

Covered with Alpine trees, hiking to the majestic Jakhoo Hill shall be a refreshing and exciting experience for each visitor. There is a small but fascinating temple on the top of this hill with a tall Hanuman statue.

This temple is dedicated to Lord Hanuman, the monkey god of Hindu mythology. You need to walk nearly half an hour to reach the hilltop to offer prayers to Lord Hanuman. The peaceful and calm atmosphere of this destination makes it a favorite escape for many locals and tourists.

Jakhoo Hill highest points in Shimla

Chail – Ideal place for summer camps

If you love the idea of camping in a snow-clad town, then the Chail in Shimla can be a good choice for you. This tiny hilly slope area was mainly built for helping people to escape from the extreme summer heat, but gradually it became a hot tourist spot in Shimla.

Nestled at the foothills of the breathtaking Himalayan ranges, people who visit this destination love to explore its alluring deodar forests. You can see lots of deodar trees scattered throughout the hilly slope of Chail. Spend a few days in this majestic tourist destination if you plan to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city life.

You love to dine at the famous Lake Restaurant in Chail in addition to explore its mind-blowing natural beauty. Chail is also home to the largest cricket ground in the world. Anytime from March to June is a perfect time to visit this tourist spot. You need to cover nearly 45 kilometers from Shimla City to reach this hilly resort.

summer camps in Shimla

Kiala Forest – A must-visit spot with lush green vegetation

Include the Kaila Forest in Shimla in your bucket-list especially if you are a nature lover or wildlife enthusiast. The rich foliage and exotic wildlife make it an interesting place to visit. This forest is home to many aboriginal animals and rare plant species. People from far and wide visit this place to enjoy its natural charm.

Bring your camera also during your trip to the Kaila Forest so that you can capture incredible photographs of animals in their wilderness as well as the stunning landscapes. Even if you can visit the Kaila Forest throughout the year, from March to October is the best time to visit it..

Kiala Forest in shimla

Himalayan Bird Park- For spotting wide varieties of birds

If you would like to feel the thrill of finding and identifying varieties of bird species, then plan a trip to the Himalayan Bird Park in Shimla. Located in Central Shimla near the Vice-Regal Lodge, this bird park is a serene and peaceful destination ideal to spend some refreshing time.

Many nature lovers, bird watchers, and photographers find it a great place to get close to the natural flora and fauna and to find serenity. The forests and hilly slopes of the mesmerizing town of Shimla are blessed with a wide range of wildlife. The bird species in the Himalayan Bird Park may not have seen anywhere else in the world.

The soothing trees and rich flora and fauna in the park support its life. Some of the common birds that you can see in this bird park include the Himalayan monals, pheasants, and peacocks. Plan a trip to the Himalayan Bird Park in Shimla for an unforgettable bird watching experience.

Himalayan Bird Parkin shimla

Christ Church- An amazing architectural monument

Another great tourist spot that you need to cover during your trip to Shimla is the Christ Church. It is a major tourist spot in this hill station which allures travelers with its architectural beauty. This church was constructed during the time of the British and gives an in-depth idea about the colonial architectural style. Its neo-Gothic architecture and scenic surroundings make it a great place to visit.

Once you visit, you can feel the beauty and serenity of this holy site. The perfect time to visit this monument is at night when it completely lights up. Each traveler who pays a visit to this church during winter may admire its castle-like appearance. The popularity of the Christ Church has enhanced after it has appeared in several Bollywood movies. Pay a visit to this church to experience a peaceful feeling and enjoy its architectural beauty.

Christ Church in shimla

Tara Devi Temple – for rejuvenating your soul

Another beautiful place to visit in Shimla is the 250-year old Tara Devi Temple. Travelers to Shimla do not forget to visit this temple as it offers beautiful views of the surroundings. They find it refreshing to watch the charming mountain ranges and rich pine forests.

Since this temple is located in the peaceful and tranquil countryside, many travelers reach this shrine to rejuvenate their mind and calm their senses. Many of them find it ideal to meditate and relieve their stress and tensions. Tara Devi Temple draws a lot of locals and tourists alike during its festival seasons.

Tara Devi Temple in shimla

Fagu – Ideal for trekkers and nature lovers

Many people plan their holidays to Shimla to indulge in different activities, and Fagu is an ideal destination for them. Blessed with abundant natural beauty, it is a favorite spot for many trekking enthusiasts. The scenic nature and panoramic vistas of the mountains make it an ideal place to unwind and relax away from the hustle and bustle of the modern life.

Western Himalayas can be seen in the northern side of this destination while its eastern part is mind-blowing with the presence of the Shivalik Range. Since it is among the high altitude areas in Shimla, this destination remains cool even the summer months with a pleasant climate. Spending a few days in the tranquil and secluded hill station of Fagu shall be a refreshing experience. Visit this destination during the winter season for a real snow experience.

Fagu – Ideal for trekkers and nature lovers in shimla

Viceregal Lodge- a real architectural splendor in Shimla

The Viceregal Lodge is another architectural splendor in Shimla located on the Observatory Hill nearly 2 kilometers away from the city. Also known as the Rashtrapati Niwas, it was the summer residence of the Viceroy.

Visitors can enjoy marvelous views from this place. Beautifully maintained gardens and lawns enhance the charm of this magnificent building. Now it is transformed into an educational institution. The Viceregal Lodge is a place worth visiting during your Shimla holidays.

Viceregal Lodge in shimla

Chadwick Falls – a beautiful picnic spot to unwind

Chadwick Falls is a beautiful picnic spot in Shimla nestled in the Glen Forests not far away from the busy city area. Fall from a height of nearly 100 meters, this scenic spot allures travelers with its tranquility and panoramic surroundings. Walking through the dark forest to reach the waterfall shall be an adventurous but refreshing experience for each traveler. The Chadwick Falls is an ideal place in Shimla to unwind and relax.

Chadwick Falls in shimla

Shimla State Museum – A colonial structure turned the museum

People who visit the mesmerizing hill station of Shimla try to visit the renowned Shimla State Museum. It is a beautiful colonial structure built in 1974 displays a wonderful collection of paintings, handicrafts, ancient sculptures, coins, and many other interesting items.

A doll gallery is another attraction of this museum which houses a good collection of Himachali bride and tribal dolls. Apart from the doll gallery, this museum has separate galleries for Indian archeology, Anthropology, Contemporary Art, Rajasthan paintings, Prehistoric items, and Pahari Miniature Paintings.

Sprawling gardens around this magnificent building certainly catch the attention of each visitor. It is worth visiting this museum especially if you are an art lover or a history buff.

State Museum in shimla

Summer Hills – A romantic getaway

Everybody dreams to take a leisurely walk through the tranquil nature especially if they are in a beautiful hill station like Shimla. The enchanting Summer Hill is a perfect place for enjoying this activity with your friends, family or loved one. Located in the Shimla-Kalka route, this scenic spot is almost 5 kilometers away from the Ridge Road.

The snow-clad mountains and abundance of deodar and pine trees make it a romantic getaway in Shimla. This destination enjoys pleasant weather throughout the year, but many people prefer to visit it during winters when the atmosphere is humid and cool.

Summer Hills – A romantic getaway in shimla

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Things to do in Shimla

Shimla is a paradise for globetrotters who desire to get close to the snow-clad hills. Each of its tourist attractions appeals to travelers with its eye-catching beauty and charm. Shimla is not only famous for its tranquil nature, but this hill station offers plenty of interesting things to experience that will make your trip memorable. A major attractive feature of this hill station is its closeness to the snowline. Take a look at the best things that you can do in Shimla.

Trekking in the high mountains

With plenty of fantastic trails, Shimla is a paradise for trekking lovers. A lot of people try trekking during their Shimla holidays to explore the majestic beauty of the Himalayan ranges. The enchanting hills and undulating terrains of this tourist destination make it an ideal spot for enjoying trekking.

Different types of trekking are available in Shimla and travelers can choose the length of this activity based on their capability and time required for that. Many people find trekking an excellent activity to explore the beautiful villages and serene monasteries of this destination. Besides, it is a great way to get close to the panoramic mountain areas.

We, Colourful Indian Holidays, arrange experienced guides for our customers to enjoy trekking in the mesmerizing mountains of Shimla. From December to February is the best time to enjoy it at this hill station. Plan some trekking in this hill station for a refreshing and enjoyable communion with Mother Nature.

Trekking in the high mountains in shimla


Replete with outstanding staying options, travelers to Shimla do not forget to enjoy nature camping. Apart from enjoying the surreal beauty of nature, camping in this hill station can be an adventurous activity for them. It is the best way to experience the real charm of the enchanting hill station of Shimla.

The spectacular hills of this destination are laden with thick forests of Deodar, oak and pine trees which make it great for camping. The soothing atmosphere and pleasant climate also make it suitable for this activity. Camps in Shimla are spacious and come with many modern amenities including attached washrooms.

Most of the campsites in this destination have BBQ facility and music to make the stay of the campers more enjoyable. Some of the best campsites in this hill station that offer magnificent views include the Shoghi, Sarahan, Chirgaon, and Sandasu. Enjoy camping in one of these sites to experience the mystique and charisma of the Himalayas.

Camping in shimla

River Rafting

Participate in a thrilling river rafting while you are on a holiday trip to Shimla. The swift flowing rivers in this hill station mainly in the Tattapani region are ideal to enjoy this adventure sport. Adventure lovers never miss out this thrilling activity, especially if they are in the Sutlej River near Shimla. You can feel the adrenaline rush while conquering the waves in this river.

The length of the usual rafting stretch is around 12 kilometers, and it will take approximately 3 hours to complete. Summer months are the best time to enjoy rafting in Shimla. The cost of this activity depends upon the duration and the track that you choose for this adventure sport.

River Rafting in shimla

Ice Skating

Shimla is an enchanting hill station in India full of placid mountain lakes, dense pine and deodar trees, gorgeous rivulets, mountain countryside covered in snow and stunning alpine meadows. One activity that the travelers to Shimla do not forget to try is ice skating.

The ice-skating rink in this hill station has a large open-air area. The presence of naturally-frozen ice is a great advantage of Shimla which makes it a wonderful place to enjoy the superb adventurous sport of ice skating.

The cool breezes that touch your face while you glide through the frozen ice in this rink make your trip to Shimla refreshing and memorable. Enjoy this activity in this hill station from December to February.

Ice Skating in shimla


Another great adventure sport that you can enjoy during your holidays in Shimla is the paragliding. With undulating hills and beautiful surroundings, it is a perfect place to glide through the air to watch the magnificence of this destination.

You must try paragliding if you have ever dreamed of flying. For adventure enthusiasts and thrill seekers, Shimla is a paradise and paragliding is an excellent activity for them to shoot up their adrenaline level. The Kangra Valley is the best place in Shimla to experience this adventure activity.

We, Colourful Indian Holidays, arrange everything for you to fly with poise over the beautiful valleys of this destination during your next visit.

Paragliding in shimla

Mountain Biking

Shimla offers many adventure options for the thrill seekers, and mountain biking is one among them. You love the challenges of this activity while riding through the steep Himalayan hills. And the cool mountain breeze that you feel while passing through the beautiful valleys and undulating hills make you refreshed and revitalized.

The adrenaline rush you feel while riding the bike through the snow and the enchanting nature shall be mind-blowing. This activity takes you to enjoy marvelous vistas of the snow-capped mountains and rich oak trees of this hill station.

Mountain Biking in shimla

A ride on the toy train

One of the interesting activities that you can enjoy throughout the year in Shimla is a ride on the toy train. Toy train ride is available only in the Himalayan areas in India, and the thrill of the ride cannot be explained in mere words. Toy train ride is a superb way to explore the beautiful sights in Shimla.

You can enjoy the astonishing hill slopes, dense forests and ancient post office and many more captivating attractions if you opt for a toy train ride on the Kalka-Shimla route.

Even if you can go for a toy train ride in this hill station throughout the year, the train tracks may cover with snow during the winter months, but still, you can enjoy the ride and explore its beautiful sceneries.

ride on the toy train in shimla


If you fond of snow and love the idea of spending a few hours in the gentle slopes and snow-covered mountains of Shimla, then think of doing skiing. It is another great adventure sport that you can try during your trip to this hill station.

The best time to visit Shimla is during winter months when the entire area is covered in snow. Many people plan their trip to Kurfi during this time which is an incredible picnic spot located at an altitude of nearly 2622 meters.

This skiing paradise is nearly 13 kilometers away from the Shimla city. Mashobra and Narkanda are also great places in this hill station for skiing lovers.

Skiing in shimla


Shimla is a great vacation spot for those who wish to try their hand in golf. The summer capital of the British once, this alluring hill station is blessed with many locations perfect to enjoy golfing. It is home to some of the oldest golf courses and the Naldehra town is one among them.

Annadale golf course is also famous among golf lovers. The picturesque surroundings and the calm and tranquil ambiance make Shimla an ideal place for enjoying golf.

Golfing in shimla


People who visit Shimla for their vacation do not leave it without enjoying a bit of shopping at the renowned Lakkar Bazaar. This vibrant street is famous for woolen apparels. Apart from woolen items, you can find many things in this market to buy such as pashmina shawls, varieties of artifacts, handicrafts, Chinese shoes, dolls, carpets, Tibetan mats, and dry fruits.

This market is also a perfect place to enjoy street food. Sita Ram is a great eatery in Lakkar Bazaar where you can taste delicious chole bhature after finishing your shopping.

Shimla, the capital city of Himachal Pradesh, is among the most visited hill stations in India. It is almost 342 kilometers away from Delhi. British chose this city as their summer capital during their rule because of its cool, pleasant climate and peaceful surroundings.

It is a favorite adventure getaway for many people as this city offers plenty of options for shooting up the adrenaline level in their blood. If you are looking for some memorable time in Shimla, then contact Colourful Indian holidays to create your customized holidays based on your tastes and needs.

Shopping in shimla

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How to Reach

Air :   Shimla Airport is at Jubbarhatti, 23 kms from city and is connected to Chandigarh, Kullu, Delhi. It has daily flights from Delhi and Kullu. On Tuesday and Thursday Jagson Airlines flies Delhi-Shimla-Kullu-Gaggal and return. Archana and KCV fly between Delhi and Shimla on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Train :   Shimla is connected to Kalka (96 kms) on Meter Gauge and it takes around 6 Hrs from KALKA to reach Shimla. There are 3-4 trains daily from Kalka to Shimla narrow-gauge train to Shimla. There are 103 tunnels on the route with longest being 1.2 K.M. long.

Road :   Shimla is connected by road to all the major towns.
Kalka 80Km,Chandigarh 110 Km, Jaipur 630 Km, Kullu 235 Km, Chamba 401 Km, Dalhousie 345 Km, Dharmshala (via Mandi) 270Km, Dharamshala (via Hamirpur) 235 Km, Manali 280Km..

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