Rajasthan is known to be one of the richest states in India when it comes to culture. Every corner you see in that state has a story to tell which depicts the rich heritage and the colourful past. Although Rajasthan is a lot more than just that. It is the home to one of the best National parks in the country, in Ranthambore. If you are on a tour of Rajasthan, you can’t miss out Ranthambore from your list.

Ranthambore is the wildlife destination of Rajasthan with ruins that speak of the culture and people who have lived in them for years. Anyone, you meet there will clearly show you how much all that wildlife means to them. Along with that, you will get to experience a lot in Ranthambore which will just change your mind about Rajasthan as well. You better have a list of places to visit when you are travelling through Ranthambore or you can use the one we have made here.

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People from across the globe have been coming to Ranthambore for the specific locations that can only be found here. The places listed below are almost unavoidable so you better be prepared for one heck of a trip when you are in town.

The majestic Ranthambore fort

If you go to Ranthambore and don’t go to the fort, your visit might turn out to be a waste because there’s nothing like it you will see in your life again. It is the heart of the National park and the main tourist attraction as well.

Built during the Chauhan dynasty, the fort is now a UNESCO world heritage site, and it is a great honour for anyone to be able to visit such a location. You would have to walk a little into the reserve to be able to catch hold of the high walls of the fort and experience it.

The best time to go and see the fort is during the summers, anytime between the months of April to October. It is also suggested to go early morning to experience the freshness of nature that lays bare in the air around the fort.


The green Tiger reserves

This is another thing that you have to have on your priority list when you are in Ranthambore. It is one of the most well-kept Tiger reserves in the country with an area so massive, none of us can contemplate. The Ranthambore fort is close to the reserve so you can get both places done at once.

You will come across rare flora and fauna when you are exploring the park, and so many photographers and bird watchers can be seen taking pictures. Seeing the Bengal tiger is everyone’s wish when they come to Ranthambore.

The best way to explore the Tiger reserve is through the Jeep safari. Always ensure that jeeps are available for service; otherwise, advance bookings might not work. There are only limited jeeps available around the park, so working out the timings is the best option at hand.


The serene Surwal Lake

Ranthambore has plenty of sightseeing spots in town, Surwal lake being one of them. You will have the most serene experience when you visit this lake as it is surrounded by hills and explicit greenery. A lot of birds also come to the lake to catch fish, so that is another thing you can experience while you are there.

The best time to visit the lake is during winters because it is usually dried out in summers. It is not a very deep lake, so this is expected. Morning time is anyways the greatest time to see any of the beautiful tourist locations in Ranthambore. It is also a part of the national park itself so you can see the lake while you are enjoying your bird watching session. Anyone looking for a little solace should definitely see Surwal lake because there isn’t a more peaceful spot by the water.


The green Tiger reserves

This lake is the largest one in the entire Ranthambore with the beauty you won’t be able to forget. You can see most of the animals coming to drink water near the lake in the early hours of the morning, which is also the best time for watching. If you are lucky, you might just see a deer as well. Many photographers have made this their hotspot because of most animals being spotted hunting near this area.

Padam lake is also known for the flowers it has got its name from, water lilies. During the season when water lilies are in bloom, you can see the lake being full of them. Again, this is a part of the national park tour itself, so you definitely don’t want to miss it.


The splendid Jogi Mahal

If you are an architecture fan or an architect yourself, this is one destination you can’t afford to miss. The house was initially used as a rest house by hunters when the kings and their families had lived. Now, it has been turned into a guest house, and it is your luck to find the mahal open to staying, You can also contact Rajasthan Travel Guide to know this. Otherwise, you can enjoy the beauty that it has and the environment around it.

Everything around the Jogi Mahal is lush and green, like a house in a forest. If that is something you would want to experience, then this should be on top of your list. One of the largest Banyan trees is also located near the house, which is something that attracts many. Also, this is one place you can see in Ranthambore at any point of the year and still get the best experience out of it.


The peaceful Kachida Valley

Very few people know of the Kachida valley being a tourist spot in Ranthambore. It is one of the most peaceful places in the entire national park because it is located a little on the outskirts. You can go for a small hike in the evening or during the early hours to experience the terrain and the low cut hills. Whether it is sunset or sunrise, both look beautiful when seen from the valley.

Travelers have been fascinated by this spot if they know of it because of the exotic flora and fauna around the entire valley. You might even spot animals that you wouldn’t find in the entire park if you travel to the valley. It is best to go on a jeep if you are specifically going for animal watching. Otherwise, you can walk a bit as well.


The three-eyed Ganesh temple

Like every town or tourist destination in India has, Ranthambore also has a popular temple that sees thousands of believers every year on its doorstep. It is the three-eyed Ganesh temple and is a must-visit even if you are not one of the spiritual experiences. It is an ancient temple inside the fort and seeing something so grand is a treat in itself.

For those who are coming in for the spiritual experience, they will love the five aartis that happen every day at the temple. No matter what, you can’t skip this out of you Ranthambore list for sure. The architecture and the built structure will surprise you on its own for it to be an experience in its own. Even the vibes around the temple are worth catching onto.


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There is a lot that Ranthambore has to offer to the tourists so you have to plan ahead and see what all can you do and make the best out of your visit. Most places are close by, so it is easy to navigate and find people as well who can help you schedule tours.

Bird watching

Around the national park area, there are a lot of places where you can watch birds. The extremely varied and exotic flora is the home for many birds around Ranthambore, and you can expect to see a few birds you might not have seen anywhere before.

Padam Lake is definitely the best location for bird watching because it is bigger than all your other locations and has a better view as well. Very easily it is possible to find guides which will keep you informed while you are watching the birds.


Hot air balloon ride

One of the main attractions that bring people to Ranthambore after the Tiger trail is the hot air balloon ride. There are only a few places around the country which have such a facility, Rajasthan being one of them. Hence, this is definitely something you would want to do.

The hot air balloon ride is also one of the most adventurous things you will find to do when you are in Ranthambore. For one hour, you are in the air, experiencing the most exquisite view of your life. The entire jungle is clearly visible and you can even spot animals when you are up there. Some people who have taken the ride have termed it as the best thing they have ever done.


Wildlife trailing

The national reserve is definitely the prime attraction in Ranthambore, and that one location itself gives you a lot to do and explore. Out of all that there, wildlife watching is what most tourists come for. You can see various animals, from a deer to a Tiger and many more which surely one would never expect. It is a true adventure to be able to see these animals in their natural habitat.

Wildlife watching will surely be one of your memorable experiences in Ranthambore, but you should not be surprised if certain safety restrictions come your way. It is a conserved area to promote the wildlife in the area; it is best that we stick to all the rules thrown our way. It is not just the Tigers you need to be aware of; there are other animals which one might come across.


Experience art

Ranthambore has very prominent art schools which are constantly promoting and generating awareness about the national Tiger reserve and why is it a reserve. If you are an artist, then the schools of art are one spot you shouldn’t miss. You could totally make a day out it with a picnic and everything and really learn about Ranthambore.

Even buying paintings from the schools is possible where the proceeds go towards the conservation process itself. You will feel satisfied with yourself when you go back and that you made a true contribution.


Enjoy the jungle

Whenever one visits the national park, it is usual for them to hire a jeep to go around the park. This is the true way to do a jungle safari where you can spot different animals while going around the entire park. People usually spot a tiger while doing so and surely there couldn’t be a better sight than seeing the majestic tiger walking right in front of your eyes.

If you have come to experience the true wildlife and spot a tiger, this is one thing you should surely do. You can do your own research and plan a trail for tiger watching. Here, getting lucky is a slight chance where you might see the Tiger more than once.



Ranthambore has a great crafts market, just like any other region in India. But the craft done here is very unique and is precisely done by women and sold in the markets. Dastkar is the best place to buy such crafted pieces if you are a fan of traditional products. You can even watch them while they work on the products and that surely is one heck of a view.

A lot can be found in the markets of Ranthambore, from block-printed materials to tie and dye fabrics and even leather artefacts. The culture in Ranthambore is extremely rich and you will see a wide variety of things at play.


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