Rajasthan attracts a lot of tourists from across the globe with its rich culture and ethnicity. Its majestic tourist attractions and amazing outdoor activities have made a place on the bucket list of many travelers. With so many tourist destinations to explore, it may be difficult for a traveler to pick a destination in Rajasthan to spend their holidays.

If you are a nature lover love to explore the wildlife of Rajasthan, then the Ranthambore can be a good choice for them. Home to the famous Ranthambore National Park, it is a favorite picnic spot for many nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts from across the world.

This enchanting tourist spot is located in the middle of the astonishing Vidhyas and Aravallis. There is no shortage of tourist attractions and interesting things to do in this place.

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Ranthambore – A picture-perfect tourist destination in Rajasthan

It is an incredible destination with an amalgamation of natural beauty, wilderness, and history. Ranthambore is among the most beautiful tourist destinations in Rajasthan and home to one of the biggest national parks of the country.

It is an ideal choice for people who wish to enjoy the spellbinding beauty of nature and the fascinating wildlife of Rajasthan. Bordered by rocky ridges, this marvelous place is blessed with an exquisite natural charm that draws thousands of tourists from across the globe.

Each of them enjoys watching animals roaming around freely without any restraints of human beings. Hiking to this magnificent fort shall be an exhilarating experience for each visitor as it offers them an amazing chance to spot vultures, eagles and many other bird species.

You can also admire the rich legacy of this regal state by visiting Ranthambore. Contact Colourful Indian Holidays to prepare your itinerary to this destination to appreciate its amazing natural beauty and cherish some fond memories that you remember for a long time.

Tourist attractions

Rajasthan attracts lots of travelers from across the globe with its rich culture and ethnicity. Ranthambore is a fantastic place to explore the legacy and natural beauty of the state. Ranthambore National Park is the prime attraction of this region which is a dream of every wildlife enthusiast. Some of the unavoidable places in Ranthambore are:

Ranthambore Fort – An architectural splendor of the Chauhan dynasty

Ranthambore Fort is one of the unavoidable tourist attractions in this marvelous destination which plays an important role in the tourism scenario of Rajasthan. This well-known fort lies inside the national park close to the Sawai Madhopur. Rulers of the bygone era used to visit this region to enjoy hunting.

Once you visit this picnic spot, you can see the valor and glory of the Chauhan dynasty in it. Located in a serene location rich with green forests and a salubrious climate, each visitor can have some refreshing time by visiting this World Heritage site. Travelers can also watch beautiful lakes, valleys, amazing picnic spots and exotic fauna near this fort.

36_Pillars_Chh36 Pillars Chhatri Ranthambore Fort Sawai Madhopur

Surwal Lake – A shallow lake amidst quaint settings

Surwal Lake is a good place in Ranthambore for people who seek peace and solace away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Located near the Ranthambore Park in a serene place, each visitor shall admire its quaint settings.

Visit this picnic spot in winter or monsoon period as this shallow lake dries out during summer months. Surwal Lake is a paradise for birdwatchers as it is a haven for many local and migratory birds. You can see birds catching fishes if you visit this region during the winter months.

surwal lake ranthambore Rajasthan

Kachida Valley – A serene valley with many low hills and rocky outcrops

With picture-perfect sceneries, the Kachida Valley is a must-visit tourist attraction in Ranthambore. Located on the outskirts of the Ranthambore National Park, this valley fascinates travelers with its low hills and rocky projections.

This tourist spot is nestled amidst rich green forests and exploring this area shall be a refreshing experience. Hire a jeep to get a close look at the beauty of the valley. Some of the animal species found in this area include panther, tiger, deer, and bear. You can also watch exotic flora and fauna during your trip to the mesmerizing valley.

Kachida Valley Ranthambore

Padam Lake – A lake with plenty of lily flowers

Padam means flowers and this lake got its name because of the abundance of lily flowers during its season. It is the largest lake inside the Ranthambore National Park surrounded by thick green forests. The charming Jogi Mahal is at one side of the lake.

Another great attraction of this picnic spot is its abundance of avian species. You can also watch wild animals drink water from the lake. If you are lucky, you can enjoy the rare sight of Chinkara at the edge of this lake.

water lillies

Trinetra Ganesh Temple – the three-eyed Ganesh temple

Trinetra Ganesh Temple is another great attraction in Ranthambore. It is an ancient temple situated inside the elegant Ranthambore Fort. People who visit the Ranthambore National Park do not leave it without paying a visit to this temple. Built by King Hammer, an ardent devotee of Lord Ganesha, three-eyed Ganesh is the deity of this temple.

A great feature of this temple is that five aartis held every day at this temple. Visit this temple for a memorable spiritual experience during your Rajasthan holidays.

somnath Temple

Jogi Mahal – A forest rest house

Try to visit the popular Jogi Mahal during your trip to Ranthambore. It is a great attraction in this destination which used by the royals of Rajasthan to stay during their hunting. Now it is turned in to a forest rest house but the accommodation in it has been restricted these days.

Visitors admire its stunning architecture and serene ambiance. There is a tall banyan tree near Jogi Mahal which is among the largest banyan trees in the country.

ranthambore jogi mahal

Lakarda and Anantpura – a must-visit destination for every wildlife enthusiast

If you are a wildlife enthusiast, you love to visit the Lakarda and Anantpura area of the Ranthambore. It is a part of the Ranthambore National Park and among the very few places in the reserve where you can spot the pugmarks of the exotic Indian Striped Hyenas. It is difficult to spot this animal species in the reserve but their pugmarks can see across the area.

Lakarda and Anantpura are some rare spots where visitors can watch this secluded wildlife along with a large number of monkeys and porcupines. They can also spot sloth bears as this area is a haven for this animal species due to its favorable climate. Plan a trip to these areas in Ranthambore to treat you with an unforgettable wildlife experience.

tiger in Lakarda and Anantpura

Raj Bagh Talao – One of the beautiful lakes in Ranthambore

Nestled among lush green forests, Raj Bagh Talao is the most beautiful lakes in the Ranthambore National Park. It is a common scene some wild animals drink water from this lake. If you are lucky, you can spot sambhar deer eat grass from the ground near it.

Visitors can spot several rare bird species and wildlife if they visit this area either in the mornings or evenings. With excellent water resources and a wide range of forest area, the Raj Bagh Talao is a wonderful place to spot wild animals.

Raj Bagh Talao

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Things to do

Do you want to enjoy memorable things during your trip to Ranthambore? It is a fantastic tourist spot that never fails to attract the attention of travelers because of the presence of Ranthambore National Park. Many people find it an astonishing adventure escapade. Here are some of the interesting things that you can enjoy while you are holidaying in Ranthambore.

Plan a tiger’s trail

Being a protected reserve for the endangered Royal Bengal Tiger, visiting the Ranthambore National Park is one of the best things to do in this tourist destination. In fact, spotting a tiger is an electrifying thing to do while you are on a holiday to Ranthambore.

This great carnivore finds this national park a wonderful habitat because of its evergreen jungles and sharp ridges. They can conveniently roam around in the shadow of the majestic Vindhya Mountains and awe-inspiring Aravalli ranges. Plan to go for a tiger’s trail as it is one of the best things that you can enjoy in Ranthambore.

Plan a tiger’s trail

Enjoy a Jungle safari in the Ranthambore National Park

One of the most exciting things that you can do in Ranthambore is enjoying a jungle jeep safari. It is the best thing that you can do especially if you are on a family vacation with children. This safari will give you the chance to watch a wide range of animal species including the Royal Bengal Tiger.

It shall be amazing to appreciate the rich green landscapes and its luxuriant fauna with your family and friends A jeep or a canter is the perfect vehicle to enjoy the natural beauty of this holiday hideaway. You love to watch tiger engaged in daily chores such as taking care of their babies or hunting their prey. There is no better way to complete your trip to Ranthambore than planning a jungle safari.

Ranthambore tiger Safari Main

Bird watching

Ranthambore is a great destination for a bird watching holiday as the diverse topography provides a large and varied bird population here. The vast geographical range and plenty of sources for their nourishment are the prime reason for the diverse bird population in this region.

Some of the best areas in Ranthambore to catch glimpses of the eye-catching winged species are the Ranthambore Fort, Padam Talao, Malik Talao, the Jhalra area, and the Rajbagh Talao. Watch the stunning local and migratory bird species by walking around the Ranthambore National Park.

Some of the famous winged creatures that you can spot in this region include woodpeckers, Indian Skimmer, larks, Painted Spurfowl, Nightjars, pipits, and Indian courser. The best time to spot birds in this region is early mornings.

India Ranthambore National-Park bird

Hot Air Ballooning

A little adventure certainly makes your holidays more interesting. It shall be unforgettable to enjoy breathtaking views of nature and incredible landmarks from a unique perspective. Flying in a hot air balloon in Ranthambore can be a fine way to experience a wonderful combination of serenity and exhilaration.

You can enjoy such a mind-blowing activity while you are holidaying in Ranthambore especially if you visit this region any time between mid-September after the monsoon and March. It is a one-hour activity which takes you to enjoy a bird’s eye view of the awe-inspiring areas of the Ranthambore National Park.

Soar above the alluring jungle and spot its unique wildlife such as leopards, tigers and exotic birds. Bring your cameras and binoculars to enjoy the breathtaking scenery that certainly delights your senses.

Hot Air Ballooning

Visit the Ranthambore Schools of Art

Ranthambore Schools of Art is a great place to visit in this region especially for people who have an interest in painting. It is a great picnic spot mainly famous for its tiger paintings. This organization plays an important role in generating awareness among people for conserving the rare and endangered species in the Ranthambore National Park.

The main aim of it is to promote the tiger and wildlife conservation. Try to buy some paintings from this art school and give your contribution to the conservation of the wildlife in this region. One can go back with the memorable and fulfilling experience of this wildlife reserve by visiting the Ranthambore Schools of Art.

painting at ranthambore railway station

Wildlife watching

Ranthambore National Park is a paradise for nature lovers, wildlife enthusiasts, bird watchers, and wildlife photographers. It is an incredible tourist destination ideal to enjoy the serenity of nature.

The rich vegetation and its unique climate turn the forests of this park dry and make it easy for the travelers to spot different animal and bird species. People from across the globe visit this national park for spotting the Royal Bengal Tiger.

Some of the wildlife that you can watch in the Ranthambore National Park include the crocodile, jungle cat, leopard, jackal, sloth bear, fishing cat, caracal, desert fox, striped hyena, mongoose, deer, sambhar, nilgai, and python.

Ranthambore is a protected reserve in India for many endangered species including the Royal Bengal Tiger. Visiting the Ranthambore National Park and spotting this wonderful animal species is one of the memorable things to do in this tourist destination.

This region is famous for its diverse topography which makes it an ideal habitat for many animal and bird species. Plan a trip to Ranthambore that shows the rich culture and heritage of the region and explore its wildlife reserve comfortably through Colourful Indian Holidays.

Ranthambore tiger

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