Are you looking for a dreamy honeymoon or some fantastic family holidays in India? India is an incredible country known for its unique culture and diverse geography. It is one of the most sought-after romantic destinations in the world.

Agra is a good recommendation for people who plan to spend some special time with their loved one in the mystical land of India. Being home to one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Agra is among the most popular tourist destinations in the country.

It is a land of palaces where travelers can explore plenty of beautiful and intricate architecture. Another great attraction of this beautiful tourist spot is its suitable and pleasant climate. Agra is a well-designed ancient city with rich historical, religious, cultural and architectural attractions.

The exceptional collections of monuments, palaces, forts, religious places, and other tourist attractions make it one of the most favorite tourist destinations in India.

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Agra – the city of eternal love

A visual image of the beautiful mausoleum of the Taj Mahal comes to your mind whenever you hear the name Agra. People from across the globe visit India to enjoy the eternal beauty of this marvelous structure. Taj Mahal is the main attraction of this city which is a love story immortalized in Marble.

This monument got popularity throughout the world not only for its astonishing architecture but also for the romance involved in it. It is the best example of the beauty of Mughal architecture.

This monument is the perfect blend of architectural styles from India, Persia, and Turkey. Explore the strikingly attractive architectural marvels and other tourist attractions in Agra conveniently through Colourful Indian Holidays- India tour operator and go back with the memories of an unforgettable trip.

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Tourist attractions in Agra

Even though the prime attraction in Agra is Taj Mahal, this city offers many more things other than this beautiful monument. This city has many monuments that showcase the glory of the Mughal era. It is also home to a few marvelous gardens. Here are the best tourist attractions in Agra.

Agra TajMahal

Taj Mahal – An architectural splendor in marble

There is no doubt that the Taj Mahal is the main attraction for people who visit Agra. It is the symbol for the undying love of Emperor Shah Jahan for his beautiful wife. This elegant monument clothed in poetry than an architectural marvel in marble.

The best time to visit the Taj Mahal is on full-moon nights as this astonishing monument shimmers breathtakingly during such days.

Located on the banks of River Yamuna, this lovely mausoleum is raised on a marble platform of 313 square feet.

The beauty of this monument is beyond words as it is a combination of domes, pillars, and minarets, carved, decorated and adorned strikingly. It is engraved not only with intricate designs but also with religious transcriptions.

People from different parts of the world visit Agra to enjoy its magnificence and this tourist destination continue to surprise for all those who have the luck of watching it in meditative silence.

Taj Mahal was built between 1631 AD and 1654 AD with the effort of a workforce of around 22,000. It is a part of a large complex that includes the main gateway, a mosque, a guest house, a large beautiful garden, and several palatial structures.

The Taj Mahal is at the extreme end of this complex just in front of River Yamuna. The four corners of this monument truncated to give the appearance of an unequal octagon. The arabesque interlocking concept is used for the architectural design of this mausoleum.

With the application of this concept, each element of this design stands on its own but at the same time integrates perfectly with the main structure. Four reflecting pools are there in the garden which divides it at the center and each of the four sections further divided and subdivided to give it a beautiful appearance.

How to reach Taj Mahal

Travelers can reach Agra conveniently from Delhi by air, road or train. The Kheria Airport is a seasonal military base commercial airport which is around 13 kilometers away from the city. Agra is a city located on the Delhi-Mumbai and Delhi-Chennai train route.

One can reach Taj Mahal by hiring a taxi or auto-rickshaw from the airport or railway station. Agra is well connected to many major cities by road and train. Daily bus services are available from some of the major cities in North India Such as Delhi, Lucknow, Kanpur, Gwalior, and Jaipur to reach Agra.

Agra Fort

The Agra Fort – the highlight of the Agra City

Also known as the ‘Lal-Quila’, the Agra Fort is another attraction in this incredible city. Stand in full glory today, this marvelous fort is a symbol of strength, supremacy, and resilience of the Mughal Empire. Intricate carvings are the main attraction of this fort.

Each traveler gets attracted to the pure marbles used for the making of these structures. They will be mesmerized to watch the beautiful views of the Taj Mahal and River Yamuna from the balconies of its pavilions. Book Golden Triangle With Varanasi Tour to dig into this famous architectural city of India.

You will come across several attractions such as the Diwan-i-Am or the Hall of Public Audience on your visit to this fort. This beautiful hall with several pillars is believed to be erected by the Empire Shah Jahan in 1628. Once you move a little forward, you can watch the Royal Pavilions abounding in different stunning mosques and palaces.

Some of the popular mosques like Mina Masjid and Nagina Masjid and palaces like Shish Mahal, Macchi Bhavan, Shah Jahani Mahal, Khas Mahal, and Zenana Mina Bazaar are some of them. Each visitor will be enchanted by seeing the beauty and intricate carvings of Agra Fort.

Agra Jama Masjid

Jama Masjid – Another magnificent architectural marvel by emperor Shah Jahan

Jama Masjid is certainly a great attraction in Agra which located just opposite to the Agra Fort. This largest mosque in this destination was built by Emperor Shah Jahan in 1648. People who visit Agra to enjoy the beauty of the iconic Taj Mahal also prefer to visit this mosque for enjoying its stunning architecture. Give yourself an architectural taste with our Golden Triangle With Khajuraho And Varanasi Tour along with Agra tour.

This beautiful structure was the joint effort of many engineers, sculptures, artisans and thousands of laborers. Adorned with red sandstone domes, this beautiful structure has five big arches that lead to the main prayer hall of the mosque. The mihrab inside the mosque is decked by lovely strokes of verses from the Quran.

The airy courtyards and stunning fountains enhance the beauty of this architectural marvel. The marble walls of the Jas Masjid decorate with eye-catching floral patterns and Persian inscriptions.

Agra Mariam Tomb

Mariam’s Tomb – a large sandstone architecture with intricate carvings

Mariam’s Tomb is certainly a point-of-interest in Agra which is located in a suburb area of Agra almost 1 kilometer away of Sikandra. This massive sandstone structure is the final resting place of Marium-uz-Zamani Begum, Akbar’s wife.

A special feature of this monument is that it has no domes unlike other Mughal architectures but you can see large chhatris on top of the corners of this tomb. This beautiful monument is a fine combination of Hindu and Islamic architectural styles which gained much popularity during the reign of Akbar and Jahangir.

You can see a grid of crisscrossing corridors for segmenting the interiors of the tomb. Visitors need to pay a nominal fee to enter this monument.

Agra Mehtab Bagh

Mehtab Bagh – A charming Mughal Garden with Persian style of architecture

Constructing beautiful gardens was a great pastime for many Mughal emperors and most of them made eye-catching gardens using the Persian style of architecture.

You can see some of the common features in these gardens such as fountains, canals and different species of trees, fruits, flowers, and aromatic grasses. Mehtab Bagh is a beautiful Mughal garden in Agra built on the banks of River Yamuna.

Constructed by Emperor Babur, Mehtab Bagh is a perfect place to capture beautiful shots of the stunning Taj Mahal. There is a large pond on the outer edges of this garden which reflects the mesmerizing image of Taj Mahal.

It shall be exciting to take a walk along the broad walkways of this garden for watching its elegant fountains, breezy canopies, grand pools, and rich fruit trees.

Fatehpur Sikri

Fatehpur Sikri – A historic city near Agra

Fatehpur Sikri is another must-visit attraction near Agra. It is a charming historic city built by Akbar, a powerful Mughal Emperor. This beautiful city was the capital of the Mughal Empire for a long time before Agra got this position.

It is a city in red sandstone built in honor of Salim Christi, a great Sufi saint. Located almost 37 kilometers away from Agra, Fatehpur Sikri is a good example for the architectural refinement of Akbar.

This city is an ideal blend of both Islamic and Hindu architectural styles. People from across the world visit this historic city for watching its uniqueness and magnificence.

Agra Khas Mahal

Khas Mahal – A private palace built by Shah Jahan for his daughters

Khas Mahal, also known as Aramgah-i-Muqaddar, is a private palace with heavily adorned ceilings. This grand architectural marvel also built by Emperor Shah Jahan. Designed by alcoves in its walls, the emperor built this palace for his daughters Roshnara and Jahanara.

The gorgeous Yamuna River on a side and the lovely Anguri Bagh on the other side are the great features of this palace. Plan a day trip to the Khas Mahal for enjoying a stroll and take a look at its marble domes, large central hall, open courtyards, stunning fountains, and large tanks. Visiting this monument shall be a wonderful experience as it will take you to the bygone era.

Agra Akbar Tomb

Akbar’s Tomb – A beautiful architecture from the Mughal Period

Akbar Tomb is a must-visit tourist attraction in Agra located in Sikandra. Spread over more than 119 acres, it is a grand masterpiece from the Mughal period. Even though the construction of this tomb was initiated by Akbar himself, it was completed by his son, Jahangir.

Flanked by four minarets, this red sandstone tomb is similar to Taj Mahal. One can enter this monument through its South gate. Gift yourself a natural beauty retreat of India with our Golden Triangle with Shimla Tour.

Things to do in Agra

Visitors can enjoy innumerable activities in Agra apart from watching the beauty of the iconic Taj Mahal. It shall be amazing for them to enjoy shopping at the vibrant Kinary Bazaar to watch so many avian species at the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary while they are on a holiday to this incredible destination. Some of the best things that you can enjoy in Agra are:

Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary

Bird watching at Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary

Visiting the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary shall be an interesting activity that you can do during your trip to Agra especially if you are on a family vacation with children. Now known as the Keoladeo National Park or Keoladeo Ghana National Park, this bird sanctuary is situated in Rajasthan, but people who visit Agra hire vehicles or take buses to reach this picnic spot to enjoy bird watching.

Agra Kinari Baazar

Shopping at Kinari Bazaar

People who visit Agra do not forget to visit the Kinari Bazaar to enjoy shopping. This retail market is an ideal place to purchase anything be it things required for everyday use or buy some good stuff for special occasions like weddings.

This market mainly specializes in traditional wedding dresses and you can easily find beautiful dresses with borders and other elegant embellishments for special occasions.

One can easily reach this market by road or rail and the afternoon is the best time to visit this market. Give yourself an amazing shopping experience with Golden Triangle Tour With Shekhawati.

Relish Mughlai cuisine

Relish Mughlai cuisine

Agra has a lot to offer when it comes to delicious dishes especially Mughlai cuisine. From crunchy kebabs to scrumptious chicken tikka, travelers can taste lip-smacking Mughlai cuisine during their trip to this destination.

The Taj Ganj area is a good place to eat delicious Mughlai dishes. Visitors can also taste Chinese and continental dishes while they are holidaying in Agra.

The Moti Mahal Deluxe, Only Restaurant, and the Park Dining Room are good restaurants to taste lip-smacking non-vegetarian dishes.
Agra is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India because of its world-famous architectural marvels.

It is an ancient city which still has the traces of the rich golden era. With so many palaces, forts, Mughal gardens, and other beautiful attractions, visiting this destination shall be a mind-blowing experience.

Contact Colourful Indian Holidays to design your dream itinerary to Agra and enjoy a trip to this historic city with your family and friends without any hassles.

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