Pushkar Fair (01-08 November, 2022)

If you want to witness the glorious ethics of Rajasthani culture in the most alluring way, then the biggest spectacle on Rajasthan’s calendar year is waiting for you. Pushkar ka Mela or Pushkar fair is a paradise for all those enthusiasts who are captivated by India’s ethereal cultural traditions. Regarded as one of the biggest cattle fairs in the world, Pushkar ka Mela is held every year in the October-November phase.

According to the Hindu calendar, the Pushkar Fair is supposed to be initiated from the Karthik month and come to a cease on Kartik Purnima. This bewitching experience has managed to attract millions of foreign tourists from all around the world in the past decade or so. This itself speaks volumes of the wide range of enchanting things that this scintillating event offers.

The fair is mainly composed of Livestock fair activities with the likes of camels, horses, and cows, delighting the massive crowds in all their glory. With galore of stalls featuring intriguing games and concepts, it becomes quite easy for people of all ages to relish the magnificence of this prestigious cattle fair of pushkar.

Pushkar Mela also hosts some of the most fiercely competed rural games, which turns out to be the center of attraction as well. Skillful talents proving their mettle in front of a jam-packed crowd is one incredible feeling for the budding talents. Not only Pushkar fair promotes talent, but it also paves the way for averaging earning people to enhance their revenues.

Thus, the Pushkar fair plays a vital role in appreciating the skills and talents of the youth and assist them in their financial growth as well. You would also find exuberating Ferris wheels, illuminated with lights that give a larger than life appeal to the Pushkar Mela as well.

Pushkar Mela also flaunts incredible dance performances influenced by vintage Rajasthani culture and traditions, which mesmerizes the crowd to the core. You would also find various bizarre competitions which are exclusively conducted in this part of the country.

Pushkar Fair is also a prestigious occasion for all the pilgrims who visit Pushkar lake for divine blessings from God. The Hindu religion not only influences domestic crowds but foreign tourists as well. Thus, the Pushkar Fair not only helps in generating massive revenues, but it has also played a prominent role in promoting Hindu culture among foreign people. Therefore, Pushkar fare can also be called a “National Fare,” which not only provides employment to thousands of people, but it is also a flag-bearer in promoting tourism in India.

The Impact of Pushkar fair is such that it lightens up even the barren lands of the desert; this majestic event seems otherworldly as it blends all the essential prospects of Rajasthani culture in one place. Thus, if you want to get insights into Rajasthan’s invincible culture, ethics, and diversity, then Pushkar fare would be your one point location.

One of the India’s large camel, horse and cattle fairs.

Incredible History of Pushkar Fair

Pushkar, situated near Ajmer, has a huge significance in Hindu mythology. Legends say that a swan with a lotus in it’s bleak was left on the earth by the gods, and Lord Bramha performed his divine rituals called “Yagna” on the place where the swan dropped the lotus. Thus, Pushkar is believed to be the place where Lord Brahma performed the auspicious yagna to spiritualize the surroundings.

Thus, Pushkar became an ideal location for all the pilgrims around the country, and thats why it is claimed as the “Tirth Raj,” which means “ the king of all pilgrimage places.” This is the reason why thousands of people come to harmonize their soul and mind by taking a holy dip in the Pushkar lake. It is believed that pilgrims who take a holy bath at any of the 52 Ghats, are blessed with the removal of sins prevailing within the soul.

Pushkar Fair has a huge religious significance in the Rajasthani culture as most of the auspicious occasions are celebrated here, and people even practice various rituals to bring consent and prosperity in their lives. Thus, Pushkar becomes an integral part of cultural and divine traditions that are practiced in Hindu culture.

Dates of Pushkar Camel Fair

Pushkar Camel Fair Dates

The Camel Fair of Pushkar is organized based on Hindu lunar calendar. The 14-days annual festival takes place in the auspicious Kartik ( October & November) month during the lead up to the full moon.

Among the two major components of the fair are cattle & camel trading and religious rituals. The fair of Pushkar begins with cattle & camel trading which is eventually the most exciting attraction for the tourists. Later part of the event is dedicated to various religious events and ceremonies.

The official future dates of the Pushkar Camel Fair are as follows:

Pushkar Fair Dates for Next four years

Dates for the next four years of Pushkar Fair are as follow

Year Date From Date To
2020 22 November 2020 30 November 2020
2021 11 November 2021 19 November 2021
2022 01 November 2022 09 November 2022
2023 20 November 2023 27 November 2023

The event dates above are dates for the programs organized or sponsored by the tourism department of the Rajasthan government. However, camel traders arrive a few days before the start of the program and leave early as well. To make the most of this exciting event, it’s advised to plan your arrival a few days before the official start dates of the festival.

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Cultural Significance of Pushkar fair

Pushkar Fair illustrates the Rajasthani culture and traditions in the most glorious form possible. The fair has huge cultural significance and a glimplse of all around colourful rajasthani culture is on display during one single event.

Showcase of Rajasthani Culture

Women in their traditional outfits generally wearing Ghagra, choli, and Odhni, Stunningly display the essence of typical Hindu traditions. This outfit has a huge cultural significance, which depicts the modesty and etiquette of Indian women.

Even women tourists from all aspects of life are captivated by the Rajasthani outfits, and they put on the same outfits during the Pushkar Fair. Thus, the beautiful culture of Rajasthan removes the cultural barriers which are divided by the borders of the nations.

Men wearing trademark turbans with dhotis, stunning mustaches, and wearing golden ear-rings is the ideal sight of a Rajasthani Men, which you would see on almost every grown-up man.

Even men from foreign countries join in to completely change their attire, which promotes unity and fraternity among various cultures.

Pushakr – A fair of the Ship of Desert Camel

The Pushkar fair is also an ideal tribute to the “Ship of Desert,” the Camel. Camels are considered amongst the most respected animals on the Rajasthani soil. They are the symbol of resilience and determination.

Thus, an iconic Camel race to initiate the proceedings of the Pushkar Fair has a huge cultural significance.

A Fair of Arts & Crafts

Some of the most incredible embroideries on clothing products can be witnessed at this spectacular event.

Rajasthani women are quite proficient in skill embroidery and cloth designing. Thus many tourists are influenced by these exclusively designed articles and buy them in huge numbers.

Not only does this practice ensures adequate earnings for the women, but it also encourages the women to stand for themselves. Thus, the Pushkar fair promotes women empowerment in an ideal way possible.

Delicious Rajasthani Cuisines

Pushkar Fair would also offer some of the most delectable Rajasthani cuisines, which would certainly make you lick your fingers!

You would find various stalls offering impeccable quality of Dal Baati Churma, Kachori, and Laal Maans, which would leave a taste on your tastebuds forever! Stunning Rajasthani musical culture can also be witnessed at the Pushkar Fair.

Rajasthani Folk Dance & Music

The mesmerizing essence of Rajasthani folk music and dance would leave you in a spellbound. The traders from various parts of the Rajasthan, such as Jodhpur, Nagaur, and Ajmer, showcase exclusive articles like brassware, saddles, and other elements, which are quite prominent in Rajasthani culture.

Popularity of this fair all around the world shows the kind of experinece and opportunity it provides to a visitors to witness the colours of Rajasthani culture. Plan a Rajasthan tour package with us and include Pushkar fair in your tour program to be a part of this exciting event.

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Why is it essential to visit Pushkar Fair?

Pushkar Fair is amongst the biggest camel fair in the world. Thus all the enthusiasts who seek an enthralling competition between thousands of Camel’s would find this spectacular fair a must-visit. Also, you would find the only Bramha temple at Pushkar, which makes it quite crucial for all the pilgrims from around the country to seek blessings of the divine God.

Pushkar makes for an amazing prospect for various sightseeing attractions, experience the charm of the 52 ghats which oozes majestic essence; there is no better place for a holy bath than Pushkar Lake. Witness some of the exclusive aspects of Rajasthani art and culture in their imperious form, mesmerising folk music and folk dance like Ghoomar at the Pushkar fair is one of a kind experience, which you should not miss out.

Pushkar also holds the possession of more than 400 temples, which makes it a paradise for all the religious people from around the country and across the borders as well. Pushkar Fair also offers some of the most exclusively designed articles like brassware and saddles, an ideal prospect for the shopping enthusiasts. For men and women who are fascinated by the gloriously embroidered Rajasthani outfits, there is a massive range of products to choose from.

Relish the opportunity of consuming some of the finest and delectable cuisines at the food counters, Rajasthani food is a blend of exotic spices, which are exclusively found at this part of the country. You may also witness the hilarious “Katputli Show” (puppet Show) for an enthralling experience; you would certainly find yourself on the edge of the seats throughout the proceedings of the show.

Get insights into the vivid Rajasthani culture, which flaunts incredible ethnics and traditions found nowhere else in the world. Relish some of the unique concepts of gaming experiences available at the Pushkar fair. Make way for the Ferris wheel along with your kids for a memorable experience.

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Ways to Reach Pushkar

Pushkar is situated at just 12km mark from Ajmer; thus, the closest airport form this place would be at Jaipur, almost 130 kilometers away( Approx). Thus, you can take a flight and then seek out a cab to reach the desired location. The nearest Indian railway platform from Pushkar is at Ajmer, which is just 11 km away.

Thus it would be quite convenient for you to reach Pushkar afterward. You may prefer some local tempos or rickshaws to reach the exact location. You can easily reach this place through the bus as well, and you would find Marwar Bus stand in the north region, which also carries out for journeys towards longer routes like Delhi and Jodhpur.

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Pushkar Fair Proceedings

Pushkar fair is so massive in magnitude that it feels like an unfathomable spectacle on the face of Pushkar. You would find a massive variety of activities that illustrates the Rajasthani culture, diversity, traditions, and heritage as well. You may wander around this spectacular place but still miss out on most of the exuberating experiences.

This speaks volumes of how occupied and crowded this place is in the peak month of November. You may find your self lucky if you can get an opportunity to relish exhilarating Ferris wheel experience. With thousands of people gathering at this grand event, getting privileges for all the activities can be a daunting task.

Pushkar fair gradually attracts crowds as the final phases of the fair are extremely exciting and fun-oriented. Thus, make sure that you reach the place at the earliest to rejoice the Pushkar Fair, and it’s magnificent activities. Look out for a humongous herd of Camels pounding the race track, the dust in the air caused due to this feels like a Sandstorm, which would certainly send chills down your spine.

Witness the glorious and colorful culture of Rajasthan at this one place with a guided Rajasthan travle package. During the morning time, people tend to spend time at the ghats near the Pushkar lake. Thus, it is crucial to seek divine blessings along with the pulsating experiences of the Fair programs. The grandeur of the fair is best reflected during the mesmerizing performances of the folk dancers and music artists.

This majestic blend of music and dance would give you the most unforgettable times of your lives. Pushkar fair is celebrated as a galore of festivals, and people leave all their hectic schedules behind them to get a glimpse of the astonishing culture and traditions of Rajasthan. Make sure that you visit the Brahma temple for a soothing and calm experience of harmonizing your soul.

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Some experiences which are ideal for relishing at Pushkar


If you are fascinated by stunning embroidery, vintage collection of jewellery, and stunning traditional outfits of Rajasthani culture, then Pushkar would have everything in store for you. The market place at the Pushkar fair is so enigmatic and flamboyant that you would want to buy every element for your closet.

To enrich your wardrobe with some of the most alluring patterns and designs, visit the clothing stalls at the Pushkar Fair. You would be perplexed about preferring any one product as Rajasthani clothing and jewellery are embedded with stunning emeralds and stones, which leaves the viewer in a bewitching state.

You would certainly be mesmerised by the impeccable quality of the couture, which is used in the composition of the outfits. The use of smooth fabrics like silk, cotton, and linen is mastered by the artisans, which is unparalleled throughout the country. Even foreign tourists are seen coloured in the vibrant colors of the Rajasthani essence, which is a delightful sight for any proud Indian.

You may also shop for some of the most exclusively designed brassware, sandals, bedsheets, and other household items. The skill of rural people is best appreciated at the time of the Pushkar Fair. Thus, Shopping at Pushkar fair not only generate revenues for the rural artists, but it also promotes the ethnic traditions and culture of Rajasthan all over the country and across the borders as well.

Rajasthani rural artists are also quite proficient in making exceptional paintings, alluring woodworks, leather products, and clay pots as well. You must take back these incredible products to ignite the memories of your unforgettable visit.

Some of the most prominent places for shopping are Sarafa Bazaar, Kedalganj Bazaar, and Baba Bazaar, which would provide you with the top-notch quality of the handmade products.

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Divine Temples

Considered as one of the ideal locations for pilgrimage in the country. Pushkar holds the possession of many sacred temples that are visited by a massive number of Devotees from all around the globe. Such is the influence of Indian culture that it captivates the people from even extremely contrasting diversities. The dip at the holy Pushkar lake is followed by a soothing and calm experience of saying prayers at the temples.

This experience is an absolute bliss that fills your soul with modesty and consent, as well. Some of the Rajasthan temples which gather a massive number of people are Brahma temple, Savitri temple, Apteshwar temple, and Varah temple. Be a part of a majestic experience that involves chanting of bhajans and kirtan, which encourages a soulful connection with divine gods.

It is believed that visit to these sacred temples heals all the tension and worries of the devotees. A dip in the sacred waters of Pushkar Lake literally gives great healing consequences, which seems surreal. Thus, it becomes extremely crucial for every visitor or tourist to seek the divine blessings of the mythological gods in the Hindu culture.

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Bizarre competitions which would amaze you

Rajasthan is well renowned for some of the most flamboyant and crazy activities which you would find on the globe. The enthralling and hilarious experience of witnessing some unorthodox activities like Turban Competitions, Bride and groom faceoff, Pot- breaker, mustaches contest and beard competitions would be once in a lifetime experience, must ensure that you are there at the right time and capture the moments for a sense of jubilation throughout your life.

You may also play some intriguing and unique concepts of gaming at the stalls, which would also be a boost for the people deprived of all such privileges. The stall makers are extremely determined and hard-working people, thus don’t make a mockery of their work and also avoid bargaining, which certainly hurt their sentiments. Pushkar Fair plays a major role in giving a financial push to all the local artists and skilled artisans, as most of the year they are not able to generate decent revenues to feed their respective families.

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Hot Air Balloon Ride

This is one experience which you should not miss out on. The scintillating view of Pushkar is best experienced from the exuberant Hot Air Baloon rides. Make sure that you capture the most satisfying pictures from up there, to rejoice them in future. Witnessing, the ocean of people from a Hot air balloon would be a mesmerising experience you must cherish. The safety measures are to-notch, and you would not have to worry about any mishappenings.

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Live concerts

There is no better way to fill your soul with warmth and exuberance than witnessing an electrifying and jaw-dropping music performance. Relish the opportunity of witnessing some of the most esteemed music bands in India performing their hearts out in front of a massive crowd. This experience elevates your ecstatic mood on cloud nine and would be an ideal way to bid adieu to this majestic place of Pushkar.

Some of the well-known music bands which have mesmerized this place with their breathtaking performances are Indian Ocean, Advaita, and Prem Joshua Band. Thus if you are a music aficionado, this experience should be on the top of your bucket list.

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Camel Safaris

Camel safaris are extremely popular in Pushkar, and getting insights into the majestic ambiance at this place would be a heartwarming experience. You may wander around some of the most picturesque locations at Pushkar, the bumpy ride of the Camel would just make the safari even more intriguing. Find a reputed travel agency in India to plan and book your tour program in advance.

Witnessing the Sun dawn in the evening at the back of the Camel is one experience you should not want to miss out on. Make sure that you firmly hold the straps to avoid any sort of injuries or mishappenings. Camel Safari, with your loved one, would be pure bliss, which would be embedded in your heart forever.

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The stunning view of placid and serene deserts, along with a fun-oriented activity of camping at night, is just an otherworldly feeling everyone should experience. Bonfires, barbeques, and groovy music make for a great blend of enjoying the most stunning camping experience of your life. Lying on your back, watching the bewitching sight of twinkling stars would be captured in your wits for life. Make sure that you excite the moment with some scary horror stories, which would send chills down the spine of your intimate friends. A playful singing session would only enhance the glory of the moment.

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Sacred Bath at Ghats

This would just add the cherry to the top of the cake, and there would be no better way to bid adieu to Pushkar than a sacred bath at the ghat, which would rejuvenate your mind and soul for a soothing experience. With more than 50 ghats with incredible healing powers, bathing at the sacred ghats would be nothing less than a blessing from the Lord Brahma himself.

Make sure that you say final prayers before leaving the majestic place of Pushkar; it is believed that wishes of the people are fulfilled if the intention of the devotee is pious. Thus you might quickly experience some great fortunes showered upon you by the almighty.

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