Dates: 7 Sept to 10 Sept 2022

Places to Visit in Kerala, India During Onam Festival

Onam is a Hindu harvest festival which holds high significance in Malayali culture and is celebrated during a 4 day period between August-September. The Onam festival celebrates the Vamana, considered as an incarnation of Vishnu, the homecoming of Emperor Mahabali and also celebrates many Hindu mythologies related to Kashyapa and Parashurama.
Some of the highly recommended destinations to witness and experience Onam festivities in Kerala, India include


Onam is celebrated with much fanfare in the capital city. Trivandrum host numerous events across the city such as Pookalam contest, dance contest, handicraft fairs, various stage shows, folk arts and many other activities travelers can experience and enjoy during the Onam festival.

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Onam festivities are celebrated with much pompous and a grand scale across the city. Travelers can witness and experience many colourful parades, which includes elephants navigating their way through crowds and fireworks.

Travelers must visit the Swaraj Square in Thrissur to witness the Pulikalli or the Tiger Play where performers paint their bodies to resemble like a tiger, beautifully depicting many aspects of Onam through this event.

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Kuttanad Region.

The annual snake boat race event also known as the Nehru Cup is one of the most popular events during Onam, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors annually. During Vallamkali or the snake boat rate, over 100 oarsmen race boats while singing songs in praise of the legendary King Mahabali with a huge crowd watching and cheering them throughout the race.

This boat race can be witnessed from Thayathangadi near Kottayam and Papiyad near Quilon, but it is highly recommended to view this event on the River Pampa.

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Travelers can enjoy and indulge in Onam festivities while staying on the houseboats while exploring the backwaters and hamlets in the surrounding region and indulging in local cuisine and celebrations with the warm and friendly locals.

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