If you are looking for a holiday destination that fills your heart and spirit, then Khajuraho is a right choice for you. Famous for the Khajuraho Group of Temples, Khajuraho Dance Festival and yoga practices, this hot tourist spot stores a lot for its visitors.

It is not just a visual delight but each traveler to this destination can experience the rich culture and heritage of the life of the people of the bygone era. This majestic city locates in the Madhya Pradesh and Vindhya Range of mountains.

Temples constructed in the Nagara architectural style is the main attraction of this tourist destination and they listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Each visitor to these temples admires its spellbound rock carvings. Make your trip fulfilling and enjoyable by choosing an attractive Khajuraho package from Colourful Indian Holidays.

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Khajuraho – A charming destination famous for erotic wall carvings

Khajuraho is a small town in Madhya Pradesh located almost 400 kilometers away from Kanpur. Standing against the stunning backdrop of Vidhya Mountain Ranges, this destination is famous for its erotic wall carvings. Visiting this astonishing place shall be a wonderful experience as it offers many spectacular views to travelers.

Sacred temples are the prime attraction of Khajuraho which were constructed by the rulers of the Chandela dynasty. These temples are also known as Kamasutra temples because of the erotic sculptures even if such art is only 10%. This destination is also famous for Khajuraho Dance festival and outstanding Yoga sessions

Popular tourist attractions in Khajuraho

Being a city rich in culture and history, Khajuraho offers many breathtaking tourist attractions to make your trip complete and memorable. Visiting this destination shall be a fine way to experience life in its true spirit. Here are must-visit tourist spots in this ancient temple city.

Khajuraho temples – UNESCO World Heritage sites

Beautiful temples with intricate artwork are the main attraction of the ancient city of Khajuraho. People from different parts of the world visit this city in order to see the erotic sculptures on the temple walls.

Constructed between 950 AD and 1050 AD by the rulers of the Chandela dynasty, the architecture of these temples is beyond description. Such erotic carvings created mainly for educating boys who stayed in hermitages away from home for pursuing their studies about the life and its pleasures.

Artists of that period might think it is an effective way to teach the pleasures of life to those remained celibate. These sculptures also might be a code language and a sign of prosperity.

You can see the sheer confidence of women in the past by watching those bold carvings. The Khajuraho temples display the art, culture, passion and even the lifestyle of the people of the rich Chandela Dynasty. The temples in Khajuraho are classified into a different group of temples.

Eastern Group of Temples

The Eastern Group of temples in this destination are either dedicated to gods and goddesses of Hindu religion or the Jain pantheon. The popular Hindu temples belonging to Eastern group of temples include:

Easter Group Of Temple
  1. The Brahma Temple
  2. The Vamana Temple
  3. Hanuman Temple
  4. The popular Jain temples of Eastern Group of temples include
  5. Adinath Temple
  6. Parsavanath Temple
  7. Ghantai Temple

Western Group of temples

You can find many beautiful medieval Hindu temples in the Western Group of Khajuraho temples. Located in the Chhatarpur district, these temples draw travelers with its marvelous architecture and eye-catching sculptures. The most popular temples belong to the Western Group include:

Western Group of Temples
  1. Lakshmi Temple
  2. Varaha Mandap
  3. Devi Mandap
  4. Mahadev Shrine
  5. Kandariya Mahadev temple
  6. Devi Jagadambi temple

South Eastern Group of temples

Two popular temples are the prime attraction of the South Eastern group of temples. They are:

Southern Group Temple
  1. Duladeo Temple
  2. Chaturbhuj Temple

Jain Group of temples

You can find some of the best and marvelous Jain temple collections in the charming state of Madhya Pradesh. Three main Jain temples in Khajuraho are:

  1. Parshvanath Temple
  2. Adinath Temple
  3. Shantinath Temple

Lakshmana temple – An alluring temple with exquisite sculptures

Even though the Lakshmana temple is one of the beautiful temples in Khajuraho, it needs a special mention because of its significance. This temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu is the second largest temple in Khajuraho. The stunning architecture and exquisite sculptures make your visit to this temple a unique experience.

The walls of this temple decorated with carvings of the idols of various Hindu Gods. You can also watch erotic sculptures on the walls of this temple. People who visit this temple never get bored as they have plenty of marvelous artistry to watch.

Panna National Park

Panna National park – A famous Tiger Reserve in India

If you are a wildlife enthusiast, you must include the Panna National Park on your travel itinerary to Khajuraho. It is among the most popular Tiger Reserves in India and houses many wildlife species other than tigers. Visitors could spot tiger, wolf, leopard, hyena and many other exotic fauna in this national park.

The backdrop of the river Ken makes this park picturesque and more attractive. You need to hire a jeep to travel around the park as it does not offer jeep safari. However, the park provides facilities for elephant safaris and boat rides for visitors.

Ajaigarh Fort

Ajaigarh Fort – An architectural brilliance by Chandela Dynasty

Visit the Ajaigarh Fort in Khajuraho to get an idea about the architectural brilliance of the artisans of the Chandela dynasty. This fort is believed to be built by the rulers of this dynasty when it is about to decline.

Travelers can enjoy captivating views of Ken River by visiting this tourist spot. It is a charming fort on the Vindhya Mountain range situated at an altitude of around 206 meters. This fort still displays the glorious past of the Chandela dynasty.

Archaeological Museum Khajuraho

Archaeological Museum Khajuraho – A great museum for preserving antiques

The Archaeological Museum is a must-visit tourist attraction in this historical city of Khajuraho. Located close to the western group of temples, it was constructed by W.A Jardine in 1910 to preserve antiques. Today, it has more than 2000 exquisite sculptures. Visitors can watch several loose sculptures of the Khajuraho temples and architectural ruins at this museum.

Beni Sagar Dam – An awe-inspiring picnic spot with a picturesque backdrop

Beni Sagar is another great tourist attraction in Khajuraho. This awe-inspiring picnic spot draws travelers with its serenity and tranquility. Many people love to visit this picnic spot because it offers many excellent activities. Whether you want to go for a relaxed walk or prefer to enjoy some activities like swimming and boating, then Beni Sagar Dam shall be a perfect choice for you.

Jain Mueum

Jain Museum – A museum with a large collection of Jain Sculptures

With a large collection of different Jain sculptures, the Jain Museum is a great tourist attraction in Khajuraho worth visiting. Established in 1587, this is a must-visit place for those love art and sculptures.

Nearby tourist attractions

There are many other tourist places to visit in and around Khajuraho that make your trip pleasurable. You can include the following destinations also in your Khajuraho travel itinerary.

ranehfalls khajuraho

Raneh Falls – An alluring waterfall with picturesque surroundings

Enjoy the beauty of gushing water by visiting the Raneh Falls. Located almost 20 kilometers away from the temple city of Khajuraho, this tourist attraction has amazing rock formations to fascinate travelers. Each of you will get excited to see the picturesque backdrop of this waterfall surrounded by rich forests.

It is a must-visit place for the nature lovers as their heart will get alleviated when the water of this fall gushes through the rocks especially during the monsoon season. Many people visit Raneh Falls in the evening in order to watch the spectacular sunset at this place.

Dhubela Museum

Dhubela Museum – the palace turned a museum

Dhubela Museum is another hot spot near Khajuraho. This palace turned museum locates beside a lovely lake in a forested area. It is almost 65 kilometers away from this beautiful temple town.

Visitors can watch different Hindu sculptures, especially the images of different goddesses, paintings, and weapons belonging to the Bundelkhand Rajput family of Madhya Pradesh at this museum. This museum remains closed on Mondays and all public holidays.

Jarai Math Temple – A charming temple dedicated to Goddess Amba

Jarai Math Temple is another captivating spot for travelers located almost 153 kilometers away from Khajuraho on the Jhansi-Khajuraho road. This charming 10th-century temple built inside an enclosed courtyard comprises a shikhara and a square sanctum.

You will be delighted to see the intricate carvings on the walls of this temple dedicated to goddess Amba. Visiting this beautiful temple shall be a wonderful experience for travelers to Khajuraho.


Mahoba – a historic town with several ancient temples

Mahoba is another enthralling tourist attraction in Madhya Pradesh located almost 65 kilometers away from Khajuraho. This astonishing town was once the headquarters of the renowned Chandela Dynasty. Travelers can still watch the glory of the Chandela rulers through this ruined fort. This destination has several ancient temples to explore.

Gangau Dam

Gangau Dam- A great picnic spot

The Gangau Dam is certainly a fascinating tourist attraction in Khajuraho. It located nearly 34 kilometers away from this temple city at the confluence of the beautiful Simri and Ken Rivers. Many people find the dam site and the nearby lake ideal to relaxation. It is a place worth visiting during your Khajuraho holidays.

Mastani Mahal

Mastani Mahal – For exploring the ruins of the palace

Mastani Mahal is a must-visit picnic spot for many travelers to Khajuraho. Built by the Maharaja Chhatrasal for his beautiful daughter Mastani, travelers visit this place in order to explore the ruins of that charming palace. They also visit the adjoining museum which houses many belongings of the royal family and equipment used during the war at that period.

Things to do in Khajuraho

There are plenty of things to do in Khajuraho especially for the seekers of knowledge and thrill. This charming city of temples is synonymous with history and ancient religions. Here are the best things that you can do in your travel itinerary to Khajuraho.

Enjoy the Khajuraho Dance Festival

For people who visit Khajuraho during the end of the winter months can enjoy the grandeur of the amazing Khajuraho Dance Festival. The venue of this grand festival is a large open auditorium near the Vishwanatha and Chitragupta temples belong to the Western Group of Temples.

Many well-known dancers of different Indian classical dance forms like Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi, Kathakali, Odissi and Kathak perform in this festival in the breathtaking backdrop of the charmingly-lit Khajuraho Temples.

Even though the classical dance forms make the highlight of this festival, nowadays many modern dances can also be seen in it. This dance festival is certainly a great entertaining thing to do if you visit Khajuraho during the last weeks of February in the starting of the lovely season of spring.

Khajuraho Dance
Khajuraho Light and Sound Show

Attend the Light and Sound Show

Make sure to attend the vibrant light and sound show if you visit the charming tourist destination of Khajuraho. This show organized by the tourism department in the large garden of the Western Group of temples every evening. You can watch the exciting views of the laser lights for an hour on the backdrop of the Khajuraho Temples.

Relish cheap street food

People who visit the North Indian tourist attractions love to enjoy their spicy street food items. Khajuraho is also famous for tangy spice food and travelers who visit this temple town do not forget to taste its crunchy samosas and flavorful chutney.

The restaurants and cafes in this destination serve many delicious Indian delicacies. Several outlets are there at the Jain Temple road that offers street food at cheap rates. Make your trip more interesting by visiting them to savor delectable Indian cuisine.

Khajuraho is a must-visit place in India rich with spirituality and marvelous temples. It is the perfect place to quench your thirst for traveling and experience spirituality. Take a trip to the majestic temple town of Khajuraho conveniently through Colourful Indian Holidays and experience mental peace.

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