Traveling is certainly an expensive task, but many people find it a passion to re-energize their tired body and the lost soul. Being a vast country, you can find plenty of incredible sights and unexplored destinations to explore in India.

The eastern part of India is blessed with replenishing nature, and if you plan to visit this part of the country, Darjeeling can be a great place to have some thrilling holidays. So we have included some best things to do in Darjeeling on our page.

Also known as the Queen of hills, this incredible tourist spot is not only famous for its abundant natural beauty, but also for the thrilling activities it has to offer.

Discover the unparalleled beauty of East India and indulge in plenty of fun things through Best Tour Agency in India and go back with beautiful memories that you can cherish for a long time.

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Darjeeling - Queen of Hills

Popularly known as the ‘Queen of Hills’, Darjeeling is an incredible hill station in West Bengal nestled at an altitude of around 2045 meters. This awe-inspiring tourist destination is developed by the British during the 19th century. Darjeeling is a favorite tourist destination of many holidaymakers as it offers majestic views of the Kanchenjunga, the third largest mountain range in the world.

The pleasant climate and mind-blowing natural beauty also make it a favorite holiday spot. This hill station is also popular for its extensive tea plantations which are a great source of income for the inhabitants in this region. With so many British-styled schools, Darjeeling is also an education hub that attracts many students from different parts of the world. Be it for a family vacation or visiting the region for education purposes, you can enjoy a hassle-free trip to this hill station through us.

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Tourist attractions

Darjeeling, one of the most beautiful hill stations in the country fascinates travelers with its spectacular vistas of the Himalayan scenery. This destination is an epitome of amazing natural beauty blessed with the diverse topography of snow-covered peaks, undulated meadows, and scenic valleys. It stores a lot of things for each travel to this destination. Take a look at the best tourist attractions in Darjeeling so that you can plan out your vacation to this hill station more effectively.

Tiger Hill

If you are a fan of nature and its tranquility, you must visit the Tiger Hill in Darjeeling. Located at the majestic peak of Ghoom, it is a fantastic place to enjoy spectacular and mind-blowing views of mighty peaks like Mt. Everest and Kanchenjunga.

People who visit this tourist spot do not forget to climb up the hill to enjoy its charismatic sunrise. Sunsets are also amazing and spectacular in this region. You can experience memorable sunrise and watch many striking peaks through a telescope if you reach the Tiger Hill View Tower.

Tiger Hill in Darjeeling

Peace Pagoda

The Buddhist tomb, Peace Pagoda, is a must-visit destination in Darjeeling. Visiting this place leaves you with a memorable travel experience because of its peace and serenity. This structure is constructed for promoting peace among people throughout the world. Buddhist monasteries, temples, and tombs are not just places for worship, but most of them are architectural marvels.

Located near the awe-inspiring Nipponzan Myohoji Buddhist Temple, this destination reflects four incarnations of Lord Buddha. People from across the globe visit Peace Pagoda to experience peace and spiritual serenity. Besides, you can enjoy a bird’s eye view of the Kanchenjunga and the entire Darjeeling from the summit of the Peace Pagoda.

Peace Pagoda in Darjeeling

Rock Garden

Darjeeling is a beautiful destination nestled high up in the mountains draws numerous travelers from far and wide. People who visit this hill station include the eye-catching Rock Garden in their travel itinerary. Also known as the Barbotey Rock garden, this marvelous picnic spot is located almost 10 kilometers away from the main town.

It is a multi-tiered picnic spot with a natural waterfall. You love to catch glimpses of the captivating small mountain stream that falls over the rocks. The beauty of the Rock Garden in Darjeeling enhanced with the well-maintained flower gardens and the serene resting places. You can see a small lake in this picnic spot which also adds the charm of its ambiance.

Rock Garden in Darjeeling

Ghoom Gompa

The enchanting Ghoom Gompa is one of the most attractive places in Darjeeling worth visiting. Nestled up in the mountainous areas of this hill station, the most attractive feature of this monastery is its 15 feet tall statue of Maitreya Buddha.

Also known as the Yiga Choeling Tibetan Monastery of the Gelugpa, this alluring structure was built by a Mongolian Monk named Lama Sherpa Gyaltsh in 1850. This monastery also attracts travelers with its amazing Thangka on the walls, drums, and eye-catching bells. It is a wonderful place for those who seek serenity and peace in Darjeeling.

Ghoom Gompa in Darjeeling

Dhirdham Temple

If the main intention of your Darjeeling holidays is sightseeing, then you must visit the Dhirdham Temple. Built by a king of Nepal named Purna Bahadur Pradhan in 1939, it is a vibrant complex with the appearance of the renowned Pashupathi Nath Temple in Nepal.

This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, and you can see a beautiful white-colored statue of the deity in its entrance facing the temple. Visitors can enjoy wonderful views of the green valleys and majestic hills from this temple. You will appreciate the multi-layered pagoda-style appearance of this place of worship.

Dhirdham Temple in Darjeeling

Observatory Hill

Observatory Hill is another classic sightseeing point in the mesmerizing vacation spot of Darjeeling. It is a perfect place to enjoy snow-capped peaks like the Kanchenjunga and several awe-inspiring valleys. You can also watch panoramic views of the Darjeeling city from this picnic spot. This tourist spot is encircled by the renowned Mahakal Temple and the Chowrasta Square.

People who wish to reach the Observatory Hill need to walk for around 15 minutes uphill to reach the top of this hill. Since this walk is a little bit tough, benches are put at different points for taking rest. Carry a stick on the way as there are plenty of monkeys on this route and you can fend them off with it.

Observatory hill in Darjeeling

Himalayan Mountaineering Institute (HMI)

If you are an adventure lover fond of mountaineering, then you must visit the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute in Darjeeling. It is an ideal place for them from where they can get a deep understanding of the skills required to conquer the highest peaks in the world and the equipment need to keep for enjoying this activity.

Many people find it the right place to get certified in the field of mountaineering and more than 50,000 students got training from this institute till now. It is also a great museum where you can watch many artifacts and displays related to mountaineering. The Himalayan Mountaineering Institute is the perfect weekend getaway for students of trekking and mountaineering.

Himalayan Mountaineering Institute (HMI) in Darjeeling

Lloyd’s Botanical Garden

Visit the Lloyd’s Botanical Garden in Darjeeling if you wish to watch some of the most exotic and rare plant species. Perched at an altitude of around 2133 meters above sea level, this garden allures travelers with rolling slopes, terraced lands, rich green bushes, and tall trees.

Many locals and tourists reach this place to unwind and relax. You can find defined pathways in an area of this garden with sufficient seating spaces where visitors can sit and enjoy some peaceful time. Spread across an area of around 40 acres of land, Lloyd’s Botanical Garden is famous for a wide range of orchidarium.

With more than 2500 beautiful orchards on display, visitors can enjoy some refreshing time in this picnic spot. It also houses around 150 species of cactus and many tender plants. Remember to carry your camera during your trip to this famous botanical garden in Darjeeling.

Lloyd’s Botanical Garden in Darjeeling

Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park

If you are on a family vacation to Darjeeling with children, then Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park is a must-visit picnic spot. This well-preserved zoo spreads across an area of 67.5 acres of land and home to exotic Himalayan wildlife like snow leopards, Red panda, and Tibetan wolves.

Located an altitude of around 2133 meters above sea level, you can reach the Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park within short a walk from the Mall Road. Hiring a jeep or taxi can also be a good choice to reach this picnic spot in Darjeeling.

This park is a favorite spot for many wildlife photographers. Make your trip to the majestic hill station of Darjeeling a mind-blowing experience by visiting this Himalayan zoological park.

Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park in Darjeeling


Lined with an array of vibrant shops and restaurants, Chowrasta is a favorite spot for shopping lovers. Both locals and tourists usually gather in this popular street in Darjeeling to hang around and to bask in the sun. This street lies at the locus of the Mall Road, a commercial hub of the city atop a ridge.

People also admire the architecture of this street as it reminds the Victorian era. The Brabourne Park is the highlight of this area from where visitors can enjoy amazing views of the mountains. Other attractions of the Chowrasta include the Mahakal Temple, book stalls, curio shops, restaurants, food stalls and vendors who sell different artifacts and other items.

You love to laze around after exploring this street on a bench set up on the roadside. Enjoying a pony ride also shall be a fun-filled experience for you for the travelers to Chowrasta.

Chowrasta in Darjeeling

Mahakal Mandir

Dedicated to Lord Shiva, visiting the Mahakal Mandir in Darjeeling shall be a beautiful experience for each traveler. This sacred religious temple located on the top of a ridge is also known as the Holy Hill. One of the highlights of this temple is that a Buddhist monk and a Hindu priest sharing a common altar here.

You can reach this temple within a few minutes’ walks from the vibrant street of Chowrasta. People who visit this temple love its tranquil ambiance. Include the Mahakal Mandir in your travel itinerary to have a spiritual experience.

Mahakal Mandir in Darjeeling

Batasia Loop

Your trip to Darjeeling will not be completed if you do not add the Batasia Loop in your travel itinerary. It is a favorite picnic spot for many people as they can enjoy a 3600 View of the awe-inspiring city of Darjeeling and its snow-covered Himalayan mountain ranges. The toy train in this region makes a fantastic spiral loop when it whistles its way from this beautiful garden.

Visitors can see a war memorial in the center of the Batasia Loop garden on a large raised platform with a granite cenotaph in honor of the Gorkha soldiers of Darjeeling. You can reach this tourist destination within a 20 minutes drive from the town.

Batasia Loop in Darjeeling

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Things to do in Darjeeling

Being a stunning hill station, Darjeeling is a hub of many thrilling and adventure activities. Holidaymakers and honeymoon couples can find plenty of opportunities in this destination to share some joyous moments and spend some quality time with their dear ones. Read this article if you seek the right information about the best things to do in Darjeeling.

Enjoy the thrill of a toy train ride

The toy train ride is an unavoidable activity for travelers to Darjeeling. Popularly known as the Toy Train, the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway provides amazing riding opportunities for the tourists. This narrow-gauge train made its first run in 1881 which connects the beautiful Darjeeling town with the plains at the New Jalpaiguri.

People who visit this hill station do not forget to enjoy a fun-filled toy train ride, and they will cherish the memories of it for a long time. It is a fantastic way to enjoy the beauty of the snow-covered peaks and the captivating mountain terrain. You need to spend approximately 6 1/2 hours to reach Darjeeling from New Jalpaiguri.

Enjoy the thrill of a toy train ride in Darjeeling

Mountain biking

With a beautiful environment, fresh air and pleasant weather, exploring the spectacular hill station of Darjeeling shall be a wonderful experience. If you are an adventurous person who wishes to treat yourself with the sights of the snow-covered peaks and breathtaking nature, then plan some mountain biking in this hill station.

You can arrange recreational mountain biking rides in Darjeeling through Colourful Indian Holidays. It shall be amazing to ride through the contoured zigzag roads at a great height that certainly charges up your adrenaline. The outstanding beauty of the mountain peaks also stimulates your nerves. Plan some mountain biking for making your Darjeeling holidays an unforgettable one.

Mountain biking in Darjeeling

White water rafting

People who visit Darjeeling ensure to enjoy a bit of white water rafting in the serene Teesta River. Being a hill station, most people visit Darjeeling to enjoy some peaceful holidays away from their busy city life. This holiday getaway is also a perfect destination for those who seek the excitement of adventure.

River rafting is one such thrilling activity that you can do during your holidays in Darjeeling. A series of rapids are the main feature of River Teesta with different intensities ideal for both new and experienced rafters. If you visit the majestic hill station of Darjeeling, ensure to enjoy river rafting for a thrilling holiday experience.

White water rafting in Darjeeling

A guided tour through the tea estates

Each traveler will be amazed to take a walk through the extensive tea plantations in Darjeeling. Happy Valley Tea Estate is a good suggestion for people who wish to enjoy a walk through the rich tea gardens of this hill station and get an idea about the different tea varieties and blends.

Located at an altitude of about 6500 feet, you can explore this alluring tea estate with the help of a guide. People who visit this estate do not forget to taste the tea grown in this region. You can also buy some fresh tea to take home from the shop at the estate.

guided tour through the tea estates in Darjeeling

Enjoy cable car ride

Watching the mesmerizing hill station of Darjeeling from above shall be mind-blowing, and you can experience that by opting for a cable car ride. It is a fun way to make your Darjeeling holidays more exciting, and the views from the above cannot be explained in mere words.

Cable car ride helps you to see awe-inspiring images of rolling hills, scenic valleys, large manicured tea plantations, and snow-covered mountains. Carry your camera to capture eye-catching sights to keep the memories of your Darjeeling trip forever.

cable car ride in Darjeeling


One of the interesting activities that you can enjoy in Darjeeling is shopping. Many people find the shops at the Nehru Road excellent to buy beautiful handicrafts. You can buy things like pendants, carvings, engraved gems and many locally made items from these shops. Travelers who visit Darjeeling do not forget to buy high-quality fresh tea, and the Nehru Road is the best place to buy varieties of tea.

If you plan to buy woolen clothes, then head to the Chowk Bazaar. Visiting this market not only helps you to pick some of the locally-made woolen garments but also get a chance to mingle with the locals in that area. People who visit this market prefer to buy hats, coats, and shawls.

Shopping in Darjeeling

Taste local delicacies

Experience the best of the North-East Indian cuisine like a local while you are holidaying in Darjeeling. Relish some of the hot and yummy street food that this destination has to offer to make your trip a memorable one. With cool pleasant weather, Darjeeling is a great place to taste some street foods such as momos. Churpi, a chewing bar with a unique taste, is a must-try item in Darjeeling.

Most of the grocery shops in this region sell this sweet dish, especially during the winter season. People consume Churpi during winter months as it is considered good to provide energy. Buy a few packets of Churpi extra to take back to your home. With snow-capped mountains, scenic valleys dotted with colorful flowers, tiny villages, gorgeous waterfalls, and extensive tea gardens, Darjeeling is a mesmerizing holiday spot in every sense.

Located in the foothills of the lower Himalayan ranges, it is the tea hub of India. Choose one of the tastefully designed tour packages of Colourful Indian Holidays to explore the pure and captivating charm of this picturesque hill station in the most comfortable way.

Taste local delicacies in Darjeeling

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