Best Tourist Attractions In Jaipur

Most of us are confused to choose one destination in Rajasthan for holidays out of so many best choices. This regal state offers everything for travelers exactly what they are looking for. If you choose Rajasthan to spend your family holidays or honeymoon, Tourist Attractions In Jaipur is a great destination that has a lot to offer.

This Pink City needs no introduction as it has been among the most sought-after tourist destination in the state. This marvelous city is blessed with majestic palaces, elegant forts, stunning Havelis, and numerous heritage sites.

Tourist Attractions In Jaipur is the right destination to get a deep idea into the stimulating medieval Indian history. Here are some of the most popular tourist attractions in this imperial city that you must include in your travel itinerary.

11 Tourist Attractions In Jaipur

Hawa Mahal – A honey-comb shaped architecture with 953 windows

Splendid Rajasthan tourist attractions JaipurA prominent attraction in this capital city, Hawa Mahal impresses tourists with its amazing architecture. Also known as ‘the Wind Palace’, or the ‘palace of the Breeze’, it is a five-story structure built by Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh in 1798. The unique design of the windows is the prime feature of this architectural marvel.

It has 953 small windows called jharokhas which made attractive with intricate latticework. Besides, the beautiful lattice of the windows of Hawa Mahal provides a clear view of the streets and the outside world to the royal women who lived inside. At the same time, it restricted the view of the inside for the outsiders. Cool breeze stays inside this palace always irrespective of the season of the year.

Amber Fort and Palace - A masterpiece of the Rajputana architecture

Amber Fort and Palace tourist attractions in JaipurAmber Fort and Palace is another hot tourist destination in the desert capital of Jaipur. Overlooking the lovely Maota Lake, this majestic fort nestled atop a hill provides captivating views of the city. This monument was once the home of the Rajput rulers until the city of Jaipur was built.

You can find a series of elegant palaces, exquisite halls, charming temples and well-maintained gardens inside this fort. The elaborate mirror work of this palace adds its splendor. Visit this tourist spot in the evening to enjoy the breathtaking sound and light show that brings the impressive history of Amber Fort alive.

Jal Mahal – A charming palace in a unique location

Jal Mahal tourist attractions in JaipurJal Mahal or the Water Palace holds a major position in the list of the stunning architecture of Rajasthan. A fine example of the beautiful combination of Mughal and Rajputana architectural styles, this palace is located in the middle of the gorgeous Man Sagar Lake.

Built using red sandstone, four stories of this five-story structure remain underwater when the lake is full makes it one of the beautiful tourist attraction in Jaipur. Being a palace in the middle of the lake, you can reach it by using a traditional boat.

The panoramic Aravalli mountain range and the crystal clear water of the Man Sagar Lake offer breathtaking views of Jal Mahal. This location is also a haven for many exotic migratory birds and rich flora and fauna.

City Palace - A remarkable monument with everlasting architecture

tourist attractions in Jaipur City Palace City Palace is a fascinating monument in Jaipur with stunning architecture and amazing decorations. Built during the reign of Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II, this marvelous structure is guarded by huge impounding walls.

The fusion of Mughal and Rajput architectural styles is the prime attraction of the City Palace. The major part of this monument comprises the Mubarak Mahal and Chandra Mahal. Each corner of this palace made attractive with eye-catching engravings and fine artworks.

Travelers can also visit some of the famous museums inside the palace such as the Baggi Khana and the Maharani Palace where they can watch several things belonged to the royal families.

Jantar Mantar - An impressive observatory with a collection of astronomical instruments

jantar Mantar in Jaipur tourist attractionsVisiting the Jantar Mantar in Jaipur is a mind-blowing experience especially for astronomers and historians. This UNESCO World Heritage Site gives a clear idea of the astronomical skills of the famous Indian king, Maharaja Sawai Jai Sing.

Built-in 1738, visitors can watch a great collection of several astronomical instruments made of brass and stone in this picnic spot. They can observe different astronomical positions in this observatory with the naked eye.

Plotting the shadow of Samrat Yantra, the largest sundial in the world, one can calculate the arrival of monsoons and the time for eclipses. The architectural brilliance of Jantar Mantar makes it the astronomical heritage of the Jaipur City.

Jaigarh Fort - One of the most spectacular tourist spot in Jaipur

Jaigarh Fort tourist attractions in JaipurNested on the rugged cliff of the majestic Aravalli Hills, the Jaigarh Fort is a remarkable tourist attraction in Jaipur. Built-in the year 1726 by the famous Rajput king, Jai Singh II, this fort is also known as the Fort of Victory.

This fort fascinates tourists with its grand appearance. The thick walls of it which run for nearly 3 kilometers made attractive with red sandstone.

The water resources, fine storage systems and large granaries inside this fort are the best examples of ancient technology and science. The Ram Harihar Temple and Kal Bhairav Temple are must-visit attractions during your trip to this fort.

A museum is also there inside this fort which displays several primitive arms and ammunition. Another attraction of the Jaigarh Fort is Jaivana, the largest cannon-on-wheels in the world.

Nahargarh Fort - An imposing structure in Jaipur

tourist attractions in Jaipur Nahargarh FortAlso known as Tiger Fort, the Nahargarh Fort is a must-visit tourist attraction for the admirers of the amazing architecture of Rajasthan.

Nestled high on the majestic Aravalli Hills overlooking the Jaipur City, it offers spectacular views, especially during the evening. Visitors can enjoy mind-blowing sunsets from this fort.

This fort also fascinates travelers with a sculpture park, a wax museum, and an excellent restaurant. The Nahargarh Fort found fame after the release of the Hindi movie, Rang De Basanti in 2006.

Kanak Vrindavan - An eye-catching garden surrounded by Aravalli Hills

Kanak Vrindavan garden is a hot tourist attraction in the jaipur CityLocated nearly 8 kilometers away from the Jaipur City, the Kanak Vrindavan garden is a hot tourist attraction in the Pink City. Nestled in a picturesque valley, this beautiful garden was built by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh. It got the name ‘Vrindavan’ as it resembles the charm of the famous Vrindavan Gardens near Mathura.

Each visitor to this garden gets delighted to see its well-manicured lawns, statues of Lord Krishna and Radha along with Gopikas and its beautiful fountains. The beauty of this garden leaves you spellbound.

Birla Mandir - A grand architectural piece with splendor and charm

Birla Mandir tourist attractions in JaipurPeople who admire the unique architecture of Rajasthan must visit the lovely Birla Mandir. This architectural splendor lies at the base of the famous Moti Dungari Hill. Dedicated to Goddess Laxmi and Lord Vishnu, this temple draws travelers with its beautiful architecture.

This temple of made up of pure white marble and visitors will be delighted to see the beautiful carvings of the Hindu mythological scenes on its walls. Include the Birla Mandir in your travel itinerary to Jaipur for a pleasant travel experience.

Chokhi Dhani - to experience the real Rajasthani village culture

Chokhi Dhani tourist attractions in JaipurRajasthan is a great Indian state with a unique culture and tradition. Travelers to the Jaipur City can experience authentic village culture of this state by visiting the Chokh Dhani. The main purpose of this amazing village-themed resort is to preserve the ethnicity and art of the vivacious Rajasthan.

This picnic spot never leaves you disappointed as it offers many exciting activities. Visitors can watch exciting acrobat performances, striking puppet show, dance with traditional Rajasthani folk dancers and indulge in different activities such as elephant and camel rides at this resort.

Travelers can opt to stay for a night in the traditional village houses made up of mud and clay inside this resort for a mind-blowing travel experience. Try to visit the ‘Artisans Village’ or the ‘Kalagram’ for a memorable shopping experience.

Jaipur Zoo - For spending some memorable time amidst tranquil greenery

Zoo tourist attractions in JaipurIf you would like to spend some time amidst tranquil green environs and watch exotic wildlife, then head to the Jaipur zoo. Established by Maharaja Sawai Ram Singh II in 1877, this zoo is home to exotic wildlife such as panthers, tigers, hyenas, and spotted deer.

Visitors can also watch a wide range of colorful local and migratory birds. Also known as the Zoological Garden, you can find a museum inside the zoo which displays the amazing wildlife of Rajasthan. Spread across an area of nearly 33 acres, you can reach this picnic spot from the renowned Albert Hall Museum by walk.

The above list of tourist attractions in Jaipur provides a glimpse of its rich royal heritage. Travelers can find many exquisite monuments, beautiful temples, and busy markets to explore in this city. Visit the website of Colourful Indian Holidays to get more travel information about Jaipur and to plan your Rajasthan holidays.

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