Rajasthan is a state located in the northwestern part of the Indian Subcontinent. It oozes out with attractive places for tourists and historians. It was previously known as ‘The country of Kings’, and it surely does abide by its name. The age-old traditions and grandeur are still seen in the streets, and the royalty of the Rajas still lingers in its architecture. Rajasthan is one of the most colourful, vibrant and full of life, with massive forts sprawling across the scenic deserts, every building showing off the rich and alive history of the state, palaces, and courtyards that speak of the great honour and valour of the MahaRajas.

Pinnacle 10 things to do in Bikaner for your next Rajasthan trip. Attend the well-known camel competition. Shop your coronary heart out at Kote Gate. Take an excursion of the majestic Junagarh fortress. Go to the famous Karni Mata temple, that is one of the famous temples of Rajasthan. Witness the beauty of the Lalgarh Palace. Experience a camel safari in the Thar. Savor the taste of the local dishes.

The golden sand dunes that get even more mesmerizing as the sun sets and the bumpy camel rides are memorable. Food abundant in flavours made with recipes passed down from the Rajputanas and the gleaming smiles of the welcoming locals; this is a state one is bound to fall in love with. And in this princely state, in the midst of the shimmering Thar desert, lies the beautiful oasis of Bikaner.

Bikaner is one place, no tourist craving for the rich taste of culture and heritage should miss out on. It is one of the most popular destinations in the whole of Rajasthan. It is known as a ‘’ cultural paradise, and travellers Haven’’. Bikaner boasts magnificent architecture, art and culture. Its rich and amusing festivities, handicrafts and history act as a powerful magnet to draw people from all over the world. The city will enchant you with the mesmerising sand dunes, and the camel rides across the Thar.

Bikaner is given the rightful title of one of the three great desert kingdoms of Rajasthan; the dazzling city shines of old-world charm, and the evergreen Havelis depict a pleasing bygone era of the Rajput. It is also famously known as the ‘Camel Country’, as it is the home of some of the best breeds of camels in the world!

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For foodies, Bikaner comes in the form of a paradise! The amazing Bikaneri Bhujia is a hot issue in the city; it was eaten by everyone and tastes exceptionally good with tea! Furthermore, the variety of Kachoris and their modifications are so mouth-watering, one might want to visit Bikaner solely for the delicacies that it offers. Sugary and Blissful Rasgullas are not just Bengali treats, Bikaner is so full of surprises that the Rasgullas here is the second most popular dish after the Bhujia. If the city can charm you just by its food, imagine the type of gifts Bikaner is hiding in its streets.

Here are some of the attractions of Bikaner that will guarantee you a happy and exciting vacation!

Tourist attractions

The city of Bikaner has much historical and cultural significance. Exploring the amazing forts, palaces and havelis of this place shall be a memorable experience for each visitor. The tourist attractions in Bikaner guarantee you some fantastic holidays full of excitement, fun and adventure. Colourful Indian Holidays enlists the best tourist attraction in this city. Give yourself a spiritual taste with our Golden Triangle With Khajuraho And Varanasi Tour along with Bikaner tour.


Junagarh Fort – explore the grandeur and chivalry of the Rajput of Bikaner.

Junagarh Fort is known as one of the most important forts of Bikaner. Unlike many forts, it was not constructed on a hill. The entire of Bikaner city is built and developed around it. You could say that the fort gave rise to the city. It was originally called ‘Chintamani Fort’ until the 20th century. What makes it even more unique is that, though there were many invaders and attacks, this fort remained unconquered.

Currently, a part of the fort has been converted to a museum, showcasing all the weaponry and the stories of life in a fort, hence drawing in thousands of tourists. It is quite fascinating that the fort stands strong, despite not having the advantage of height. It has stunning architecture, and it took several rulers, many years to get it to this level of beauty. The cleverly built structures provide brilliant defence and function as carefully constructed barricades.

Furthermore, the architecture is splendid, the beautifully arched windows, pleasant balconies facing flower gardens and large courtyards with history embedded in them, such a treat to the eyes, and soul. Anup Mahal, Phool Mahal, Chandra Mahal and Mkaran Mahal are some of the many attractions here. It is nestled in the city, hence not very difficult to get to; you can hire a cab or auto-rickshaw. The fort is truly a sight worth seeing.


Gajner Palace – A palace turned heritage hotel with jaw-dropping built

The Gajner palace is for those who want to experience the royalties enjoyed by the Rajput. This magnificent palace was constructed by His Highness, i.e. of Bikaner’s Maharaja Sir Ganga Singh at the shores of the lake. This massive palace spreads over an area of six thousand acres. It is located in a forest; hence the tourists can enjoy calming nature walks, blissful boat rides in the lake and also do some bird watching, the Imperial Sand Goose is also spotted there.

And if you are planning on halting at the hotel, well, this is easily one of the best decisions in life. The beautiful palace is built in red sandstone, who wouldn’t want to live there? The property offers 24 hours WIFI, gorgeous rooms with full facilities and varieties of cuisine, including the traditional Rajasthani Thalis. This is one of Rajasthan’s unfolded secrets, located only 30 minutes from the Bikaner city and next to the wonderful Gajner sanctuary, this place is truly a dream come true.


Karni Matha Temple – everything about this is peculiar

This is probably one of the freakiest places you will ever visit. It is a temple of rats! Located in the small town of Deshnok, it welcomes many visitors every year, that come to worship, yes, the rats. The temple has an interesting history. It has been constructed to pay homage to the goddess Karna Mata, as she was the part of Charin Clan. Though she was 150 years old, she remained young and beautiful. And it seems, after she died, she turned into a rat. Thus, the followers take care of the rats believing them to be their ancestors.

They believe that once they die, they too will be reincarnated into rats. Another surprising fact about the temple is that, even during the harshest and deadliest plagues, this town remained unaffected! Furthermore, the visitors are made for walking barefoot, so don’t freak out if a bunch of rats crawl over your toes; apparently that is auspicious! This is one site you shouldn’t miss what so ever.


National Research Centre on a camel – A field of a large variety of camels, found nowhere else

The centre is identified as one of the most important tourist places of Bikaner and is talked about a lot in tourist books. The tourists visiting the place get to see over 200 camels of different-different breeds. There is also a camel museum at the centre that provides the tourists with the knowledge of developmental and research aspects of the camel in the desert ecosystem you can even ride camels and enjoy the splendid camel safari with your kids.

They are also known for the refreshing ice cream made from Camel Milk! The camel milk parlour is a special attraction because it sells unique camel milk products such as beverages and ice cream. Certainly, an amazing memory that will linger in your taste buds. The visiting hours for the tourists will be 14.00 hours to 18.30 hours (April to September) and 12.00 hours to 18.30 hours (October to March) on all days and the ticket counter will be open up to 18.00 hours. Read More


Rampuria Haveli – the pride of Bikaner

Despite Bikaner being rich in Havelis, Rampuria holds a special significance. The beautifully constructed doors and the perfect mix of Rajput Mughal, and Victorian architecture are just one of the few highlights of this majestic place. It was built at a distance of 2 km from Bikaner Junction railway station. It is decorated with stunning handiwork, the perfect example of the 15th century Rajasthani art.

High-quality golden work is adorned throughout most parts of this enormous haveli while the inner halls and rooms are ‘beautified with aesthetic forms of art’. This place is what you call ‘an eye-candy’. The breathtakingly and picturesque building will make your Instagram look classier than ever.


Lalgarh Palace – A grand palace turned to a hotel

This beauty was designed by Sir Swinton Jacob and constructed by Maharaja Ganga Singh. It is a hybrid of different styles of architecture, including Mughal and European styles. The gorgeous interior is so eye-catching that you might just stand in the same place for a few minutes to take in the sight that unfolds itself. In addition to that, there is also a museum inside the Ganga Nivas, just in case the historian in you wants to explore. Many paintings are depicting the rich past of Bikaner and Rajasthan.


The royal cenotaphs – A marvel made of marble

These are the best examples one could give for a mixture of Rajput and Mughal architectures. Located only 2 or 3 miles away from the main city of Bikaner in Devikund Sagar, this spectacular construction is probably the biggest highlights of Bikaner. They are of extreme historical importance as the old culture’s unfairness is highlighted through the construction; there is a significant difference in the structures built for men and women.

You get the opportunity of exploring and travelling back in time through the scriptures written on the monuments. Each Cenotaph is made up of glistening, white marble, and royal red limestone, this place is indeed a true beauty.


Bhandasar Jain Temple- abundant in euphoric visuals

Bikaner’s famous temple constructed by Bhandasa Oswal. He was a rich merchant and dedicated to Tirthankara Sumatinath is a very attractive place one cannot miss out on. It is made of gorgeous red stone and decorated with yellow-stone carvings and vibrant paintings.

The pillars of the shrine are adorned with beautiful patterns of arabesque art. The floral patterns and their colours are extremely stunning; for photographers, this place is heaven. Furthermore, it is also listed as one of the must-visit pilgrimage holiday destinations sites in Bikaner. It is decorated with mirror work and pretty leaf paintings. One can truly experience how culturally diverse India is. You also can find a Garbhgriha, a Mahamandapa, an antarala and an Ardhamandapa in the temple complex.


Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary – for a glimpse of mother nature’s beauty

Of course, Bikaner is famous worldwide for its heritage and Rajput style architecture, but very few realise that the city is also the home of a huge variety of flora and fauna. This beautiful sanctuary has been taking care of rare species, hence making it one of Rajasthan’s most well-kept secrets.

This place is especially fascinating for children as they may discover new plants they’d probably never imagined seeing. It is quite interesting, thinking about the type of flora and fauna thriving in desert regions. It doesn’t take much time to visit the sanctuary either; just about two hours is sufficient. Close to the sanctuary are many other monuments and tourists’ places of interest.

You may have to buy a camera ticket for getting your camera inside. There are strict rules about the garbage disposal, and it is mandatory to follow them. However, it is totally worth the visits, who knows, your inner zoologist/botanist might jump out!


Kote Gate – a fabulous landmark of Bikaner

Kote gate is famous for being one of the biggest outlets in Bikaner. Visited by a large number of tourists every year, a huge variety of Rajasthani products are sold here. These shops represent the traditions and culture of the state. The vibrant bazaar is bustling with the voices of shopkeepers trying to attract mobs of customers towards their stores. It is a beautiful structure that separates the old city from the new city. Your complete Rajasthan travel guide covers the best of off-beat travel in Bikaner in Kote Gate, Deshnok, Gajner, famous Havelis and many more.

You can see rows of Havelis on one side and the colourful market on the other side. Bikaner, proudly boasts it’s tempting varieties of foods and treats at the gate. You can savour the Bikaner bhujia with tasty tea made of camel milk and plenty of other spicy local dishes. You can also buy colourful fabrics with Rajasthani print to take back home. Cutely decorated puppets and camel toys, one can pick off thousands of souvenirs to cherish, from here.

Visiting Rajasthan between the months of November to January is the best, this is purely due to the climatic conditions.

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