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Tamil Nadu Beaches

Tamil Nadu Beaches

The southern most state of India have got a charm of their own. A must visit is the second longest beach in the world, Marina Beach. Once the place of relaxation and sun bathing, Elliot's Beach is now a favourite shooting location for Tamil movies in Chennai. There are many beaches in Tamil Nadu but below list includes main beaches. 
Marina Beach, Chennai
Popularly known as one of the longest beaches in Asia, Marina's 12-km long stretch is a major crowd puller to this beach site. Golden sand, good surfing opportunities and a shimmering clear blue seawater is enough to lure a beach lover to this place. 

Mahabalipuram Beach
The magical land of Mahabalipuram is probably one of the finest un-spoilt beaches in India on the coastline of Tamil Nadu. Tourists from across the globe come to Mahabalipuram. On the shores of the breathtakingly beautiful Bay of Bengal Mahabalipuram is truly mesmerizing. 

Rameshwaram Beach
Rameshwaram is a sacred island positioned off the mainland cicumscribed by Palk Strait and the Gulf of Mannar anchored with the longest ever constructed bridge on sea in India. It is a major Hindu pilgrimage site. The serene beach with shallow waters makes an ideal site for swimming and sunbathing. 

kKanyakumari Beach
Surrounded by Majestic Hills and the plains bordered by colourful sea-shores, fringed with coconut trees and paddy fields, here and there are few elevated patches of red cliffs with undulating valleys and plains between the mountainous terrain and the sea - coast, so closely interwoven with Temples and Churches and other edifices lies the district, 'Kanyakumari'. The India's Land end at Kanyakumari. This is unique beach site because it's surrounded by three seas, Bay of Bengal, Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea. A major beach attraction, which the tourists can observe over here, is the breathtaking view of the sunrise and the sunset at their best.