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Gujarat Beaches

Gujarat Beaches

Diu beach in Gujarat has got a laid back atmosphere and is blessed some of the most scenic beaches of situated on the west coast of India. Gujarat has got the longest coastline of India, with a stretch of the 1600-kms.

Beyt Dwarka
bThis is a popular pilgrimage center, always thronged with pilgrims and tourists, still Dwarka has some fine stretches of beach to offer where you can always find a peaceful spot to unwind. The shore birds that gather in large numbers along the coast at dusk are a beauty in itself.

Diu Beach
Diu Island is situated 125 kms from Junagadh. A sensuous blend of sun, sand and deep blue sea, This beach island also grabs attention- because of its Portuguese colonial period architecture reflected beautifully in its churches, public buildings, bungalows, clean wide roads, neat clean beaches etc.

Somnath & Veraval Beach
Crouched in the shadow of a Portuguese fort on the opposite, northern side of the headland from Vagator, Chapora, 10-km from Mapusa, is a lat busier than most north coast villages. Dependent on fishing and boat building, it has, to a great extent, retained a life of its own independent of tourism. The workaday indifference to the annual invasion of Westerners is most evident on the main street, lined with as many regular stores as travellers cafes and restaurants.