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Badrinath - Pilgrimage Centre of Hindus

Badrinath - Pilgrimage Centre of Hindus

Location : Badrinath in Uttranchal a North Indian State at altitude of 10,279 ft
Constructed in : 9th Century
Famous For : One of 4 Dhams (Holy Shrines)
Ideal Time To Visit : May - Sept

bBesides being an ancient religious centre, Badrinath also attracts tourists because of its natural beauty. The place derives its name from the word ‘badri’, meaning berries that once grew here abundantly. It is situated on the confluence of the Alaknanda and the Rishi Ganga. 

Ancient Hindu texts categorically state that a visit to Badrinath is something of an absolute must to complete a pilgrimage. The shrine of Badrinath in this city attracts thousands of pilgrims from all over India. 

The Badrinath Temple is dedicated to Vishnu (Preserver in the Hindu Trinity of Creator-Preserver-Destroyer). The presiding deity of the temple is Badrinath (another form of Vishnu), also called Badri Vishal or Badrinarayan. Shankaracharya is believed to have installed the deity inside the shrine after it was thrown into the Narada Kunda (a hot water spring near the temple) in the days of Buddhist ascendancy.